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The story of Drama Serial “Tanhai” revolves around Faiz. Faiz is the main character of the serial, and he got two children through his wife Aarzu. Aarzu deceives him and left the house without notifying him. Faiz marries with another girl Jia who belongs to a middle class society. In the start, they face a lot of troubles but they settled down with the flow of time. When Aarzu comes to know about the second marriage of the Faiz, she starts creating problems in the life of Faiz. The Drama is written by Sarwat Nazeer and directed by Faheem Burney.



It is merely becoming a fashion that the singers are turning into actors now, and to be honest, they are doing a great job indeed. After Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam and Junaid Khan, it is now Gohar Mumtaz of Jal - the Band who has made his debut as an actor with the drama serial "Tanhai", that is going on air on Hum TV these days. The drama is written by Sarwat Nazeer and directed by Faheem Burney. Enjoying a different cast this time, this is one of the most important projects that are been produced by the director. The cast includes Gohar Mumtaz, Sohai Ali Abro, Ayesha Omar, Saba Hameed and Azfar Rehman who are seen in major roles.

The drama is about a girl Jiya who is just done with her studies and loves her cousin Zubair. Due to the financial unstability, Zubair couldn't marry Jiya, who, following the request of her brother marries a rich man Faiz. On her wedding night she gets to know that Faiz had two children as a result of his first marriage which was a total failure. Faiz told her that he did tell this to her brother who willingly accepted him. Faiz's first wife Aarzu left him for another man Mohsin, who was actually playing with her to get a hold of her wealth. Due to the betrayal in love, Faiz turns into a person who hardly feels anything towards Jiya, but Jiya's love towards her children and her nature attracts him towards her.

On the other hand, when Aarzu see her ex-husband with his new wife, she starts regretting her decisions and plan to separate them and return to her previous role. She tries to make Faiz feel that she still love him but he is al dedicated to Jiya. However, due to the financial crisis after her brother's accident, Jiya contacts Zubair to help her family out which she didn't bring into the knowledge of Faiz.

Faiz somehow gets to know about it and suspects her for disloyalty. It is then that Jiya returns back to her mother's home, giving Aarzu all free space to make her plan work. Aarzu then enters in Faiz's life and starts spending more time with him. While Jiya still want things to work out, she comes to Faiz's home one day and saw the two together which further breaks the fragile bond of their trust.

The drama is still on air and to explore more about the story, follow the drama Tanhai on Hum TV, 8pm every Wednesday, or watch it on Vidpk.

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