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The story is based on the novel written by Umera Ahmed and it is reorganized by Riffat Siraj. The drama is directed by Roomi Insha and produced by Momina Duraid. The story is revolving around difference between high class and lower class families. The story also highlights the actions done by people due to their circumstances, but actually they don't want to do it. The story takes a turn when the main character of the serial falls in love with hi maid. Also, some points are highlighted in the serial, which results into huge crimes like - rape, and kidnap.



Based on a novel been written by Umera Ahmed, Tair-e-Lahooti is one of the most popular drama serials that went on air on Hum TV in 2009. Giving the script its own color, the drama is written by Riffat Siraj and directed by Roomi Insha. Just like other famous dramas of the channel, even this one is also produced by Momina Duraid and has resulted in bringing a better viewership and fame for the channel since the day it first went on air.

It was rarely seen back in 2009 that a single drama could attract such a huge audience from its first episode but probably the charm of being an Umera Ahmed's write up or may be its worth-praising cast made it possible for the venture to turn into a legendary piece of work. The cast of the drama includes Samina Peerzada, Sunita Marshal, Shamoon Abbasi, Omaiama Abbasi, Saleem Sheikh, Fahad Mustafa, Zaheeen Tahira, Anwar Iqbal and Parveen Akber doing lead roles.

The drama revolves around the fact that how different the lives are for lower class families and upper-class citizens of the society. The drama kept bounded its audience by offering different tastes of entertainment where you see love, depression, betrayal and jealousy which results in crime like kidnap and rape. There is an important character in the drama which basically is of a boy who suffers from loneliness, grief and sadness missing his mother and hating the existence of his stepmother. As a result of this restlessness, he finally gets attached to a lowly maid. The drama also highlights different circumstances that force people to take actions they shouldn't and what is left after that is repentance and regret.

Although it has been years that the drama reached its end, its lovers still remember it in good words. The drama is also admired for Fahad Mustafa's acting which definitely has added a star in his career forever.

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Nida Zaidi