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This is story of a couple named Zareena and Wahab Ahmed who is living with their two daughters Gurya and Tooba. Wahab Ahmed is a crooked person who is engaged in illegitimate activities and running an affair with a third woman named as Meena. He portrays his personality as a well mannered and religious person. Zareena always show like that she is happy with her husband but she is not at all happy with her husband. The younger daughter is studying 12th grade while the elder one is working in a call center for living.



When most of the drama viewers were hating Geo TV for the airing of foreign content in prime times, there were a few who were watching its only local content going on air due to the magnetic story of the drama serial "Manjali". The drama can be considered as an important project in keeping viewers bind to the channel. The drama is written by Khalil ur Rehman and is directed by Nadeem Baig. Like most of the dramas that go on air on Geo TV, the production of this drama is also done by Shahzad Nasib and Samina Humayun Saeed.

The cast of the drama includes Saba Hameed, Sajid Hasan, Shehryar Zaidi, Mikaal Zulfiqar,Mehwish Hayat, Shamim Hilali, Sohye Abro, Faris Shafi and Natasha Ali doing lead roles, which further has aided in its success.

The drama revolves around the life of a girl Tooba who belongs to a broken family where her father ill-treats all of them and is having an affair outside his marriage. Being a greedy and lustful person, he want her daughters to marry to rich men but the eldest of all, Tooba is in love with her cousin who is a sweet boy but still not established. On the other hand, Taimur, a real spoiled boy, see Tooba in a wedding where she insults him for his misconduct and decides to marry her by hook or crook. He pressurizes his parents who finally agree and takes his proposal at Tooba's place. This was what her father all wanted and he accepts the proposal and make Tooba marry to him.

The real story begins after their marriage where both of them hate each other and finally their lives take a new turn.

Having veteran actors like Sajid Hasan and Saba Hameed has contributed largely in the success of this drama where Sajid Hasan's and Saba Hameed's scenes are really worth watching. Saba Hameed did something different in this drama as portrayed a role of a loyal mother, while Sajid Hasan continued with similar roles he has lately been doing.

All in all, it is a worth watching drama and you can watch all episodes here at

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