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A tale of couple Moiz and Ayesha who gets married at the time Moiz was facing a lot of financial difficulties. He decides to try his luck out of Pakistan, and he move to England leaving his wife with his family. Ayesha faces a lot of problems after his leaving, but she bears that just because of Moiz. She comes to know about the girl friend of Moiz during the fourth year of marriage. Moiz is still in England, and Ayesha becomes involved in Jawad and decides to get the divorce from Moiz. Before she tells the story, Moiz’s mother hears about this relationship and informs Jawad about it. The drama is directed by Baber Javed and written by Umera Ahmed.



Qaid-e-Tanhai made its first appearance on 22nd October 2010 on Hum TV. Based on a novel by popular writer Umera Ahmad, Qaid-e-Tanhai is a story of trust, love, sacrifices and betrayal. The story of Ayesha (Sawera Nadeem) and Moiz (Faisal Qureshi) who are deeply in love touches the heart of many fans across Pakistan. Ayesha and Moiz get married against his mother's wishes (Played by Saba Pervaiz). Financial crises force Moiz to leave his wife and young daughter 'Noor' in Pakistan with his family and travel to America for better earning opportunities. Ayesha is against this and tries to prevent it but her mother-in-law is insistent. After he departs, distances increase between the couple as Ayesha is attracted to Jawwad (Jibran Syed), best friend of Moiz whereas Moiz falls for a girl in America. When Ayesha's mother-in-law discovers her feelings for Jawwad she is furious and tells Moiz. Instead of repenting Ayesha demands a divorce, however Jawwad leaves her due to 'Family Reasons'. Left with no options, Ayesha is left in Pakistan at her Mother-in-law's home where she spends most of her life looking after her. Moiz marries a woman in America and has a son named Farhan. Several years later, Moiz returns to Pakistan after the death of his 2nd wife. Regrets of the past and negligence towards his daughter lead Moiz to try mending fences with his wife and daughter, finally!

Qaid-e-Tanhai focuses on relationships from every possible angle. Conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, between husband and wife and even between friends bring viewers as close to life as possible. Qaid-e-Tanhai was enjoyed immensely by fans all over Pakistan who requested for it to be broadcasted again. Producer Momina Duraid and Director Asif Raza Mir did an excellent job of giving a picture to Umera Ahmad's words. The story moving from present to past continuously keeps the drama going at a fast pace. The serial ran over a series of 20 episodes.

One of the most prominent things about Qaid-e-Tanhai was probably its main theme song. Popular and loved by viewers the song made an impact on its own. Qaid-e-Tanhai received nominations for Best Drama and got ratings as high as 4.