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Paari is a Muslim girl living next to a Christian family with her family. They have good relations with the Christian family. David is a good friend of Paari and mostly found with him. The parents of Paari are going to engaged her with her cousin Salman. The story takes a turn when David and Paari fall in love with each other. Paari refuses to marry with him due to his religion but then he said; he will turn to Islam. He accepted Islam for Paari and they get married with each other. They struggle to live their life happily. Watch serial to know more about the story.



The drama that grabbed the attention of Pakistani drama lovers in 2010 was undoubtedly the dramatization of Tahira Wasti's Parsa that went on air on Hum TV. Been written by Bushra Rehman, the drama was directed by Siraj-ul-Haq, who is well-known in the field of direction. The drama highlights the bitter reality of this society where people often neglect their religion for the sake of worldly love and make their children and their future life suffer.

The drama enjoys a rich cast including Ayesha Khan, Ahsan Khan, Adnan Siddiqui and Nida Khan. The drama is about two neighboring families where one of them endorses the religion of Islam, while the other follows the teaching of Christianity. Parsa, been played by Ayesha Khan is a Muslim girl who falls in love with her mother's friends' son David (Ahsan Khan) who lives in the door next. The two of them decides to marry each other as Parsa's mother wants Parsa to marry her cousin who also loves Parsa and is represented by Adnan Siddiqui on sreen.

Parsa, however, is not sure whether it is correct to marry a non-Muslim at all. She asks David to convert to Islam, who agrees to do so. David changes his name to Daud and accepts Islam as his religion and the two of them gets into the bond of marriage. Knowing about this, both the families disown the two and they finally leave Pakistan to start their new life.

The couple suffers a lot due to the financial constraints and work really hard to make their miseries into luxuries. As the time passes, Parsa observes that Daud is no more Daud but turning back to Christianity. When they expect a baby, David, for the first time says that he is still a Christian and so will his child be. Parsa starts keeping a distance from him and this very moment becomes a turning point in her life where she finally gets back to God, asking for forgiveness.

As the result of this marriage, Nida Khan enters into the story as their daughter Mariyum who comes to Pakistan and falls in love with her mother's fiance, Adnan Siddiqui who is much elder to him and considers her as his daughter. When Parsa gets to know about it while she is about to die due to a life threatening disease, she requests Adnan to marry her daughter to correct the mistake she did of going against her religion.

The drama was taken with open hands by the viewers and left a moral with its end.

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