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A tragic reveal of three army officers who suffer both emotionally and physically in their jeopardised life in between love and duty. Alpha Bravo Charlie is probably one of the most memorable Pakistani dramas for majority of people who watched it on TV the first time it aired. The drama has aired number of times and still people want to see it again. This drama is about three friends who have joined Pakistan Army as cadets. The drama follows up on their lives as they are promoted to officers from cadets and deal with everyday life. It was written and directed by Shoaib Mansoor.



Pakistani army is highly cherished by the Pakistanis who simply love everything about the forces whether it is their lifestyles or their success stories and probably this very fact became a foremost reason behind the success of drama "Alpha Bravo Charlie". The drama went on air on PTV back in 1998 and is still remembered by its fans. Alpha Bravo Charlie is a romantic-comedy which slowly turns into much of a patriotic product reflecting the idea that one should lead his life with some purpose.

The drama was produced by ISPR and directed by none other than one of the most popular and successful film-maker Shoaib Mansoor. What makes this drama more unique is its cast which comprises of real army men who acted for important roles and proved that Pakistani soldiers are great in every field, even in acting. The cast of the drama includes Qasim Khan, Abdullah Mahmood, Faraz Inam, Shahnaaz Khwaja, Aarshid Kazmi, Wiqar Ahmed, Hashmat Shaikh,and Rafar Moeen.

The drama revolves around the life of three soldiers named Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher. Faraz is the real cool out one there who owns his Mercedes and is good in everything, looks, money, stunts, in short everything. On the other hand, Gulsher is a pathan and owns a shy personality. He is cute, handsome and devoted. What adds humor in the drama is Kashif's existence who owns a happy-go-lucky nature and keeps entertaining people around. Kashif however is a dedicated soldier and good in his field. The story takes a new turn when Shehnaz enters in their lives and Faraz falls for her completely. Shehnaz, however feels herself getting attracted towards the shy Gulsher and falls in love with him. This is too much for Gulsher to take who further gets embarrassed about a girl following him everywhere The two finally gets married but soon after they started a happy married life, the Bosnian and Siachen conflict is raised for which the Pakistani army sends his soldiers for the war which is about to start. Kashif loses his both hands and this very incident changes him completely. Gulsher never returns home back and is been martyred fighting for his country.

Alpha Bravo Charlie is a heart-taking drama serial which reveals more about how our soldiers render their lives to save the country.

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