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Meri Zaat Zara-e- Benishan is one of the most popular serials of Pakistani television industry. The original sound track of the serial is too popular among the viewers. The story of the serial is based on three brothers. The oldest brother doesn’t like to educate his daughter while the youngest brother moves to Dubai just because he wants to educate hi daughters. After the education, youngest brother’s educated daughter comes to Pakistan and gets married in her family. She was never accepted as the member of family because of her education and everyone keeps blaming her. Can she survive in this family?



What goes around comes back around! If you do not believe this logic anyway, you need to watch this drama all over again. Written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Baber Javed, the drama went on air on Geo TV, back in 2009-10. The drama comes under the 7th Sky Productions which is well-known for its phenomenal work.

The drama is about a girl named Saba (Samiya Mumtaz) who is about to get married to the love of her life Arfeen (Faisal Qureshi), who happens to be his cousin too. One of her cousins Adil (Adnan Siddiqui) likes her too and was not happy with their marriage that is supposed to happen when Arfeen returns to Pakistan. Arfeen is an open minded person who trusts Saba. However, Arfeen's Mother (Samina Peerzada) hates Saba and one day she gets a chance to prove her hatred towards her. She deliberately sends Saba and Adil in the same room and locks it from outside and brings the entire family there. She blames them for having an unlawful relation and Arfeen is called home back.

Arfeen asks both, his mother and Saba to swear upon Quran and give their statement. Saba supports this but before she could do this, Arfeen's mother kept her hand on the Holy book and passed a false statement. Saba, keeping the integrity and truthfulness of Quran doesn't then swears upon it because if she would have done that, the truthfulness of both would have been in danger.
Saba's father makes her marry to his driver who was a cruel man and already married. He treated her badly and the family broke all relations with her.

It is after many years when Saba dies and her daughter Sara visits her mother's family. She doesn't knows anything about past and was about to marry Arfeen's son Haider when she gets to know the reality and the fact that the false swear Arfeen's mother took destroyed their entire house where all her daughters suffered in their lives and while she was taking her last breaths, she accepted that she was a contestant with a false statement.

All in all, it is a beautiful script which offers something to relate with. The OST received much of the fame and was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The drama is one of those magnificent pieces of work which will always be cherished. Share your views!

Nida Zaidi