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Bulbulay is a sitcom of four special characters who are living in a house. "Momo" is the mother of Nabeel whose father died after his birth and her mother is remarried to Mehmood Sahib. Whereas, Nabeel is married to a rich and charming girl “Khoobsorat” whose father his supporting the whole family because of her. Nabeel and Mehmood are not interested in any job and they just keep planning to win the heart of their wives. Bulbulay is a hit sitcom airing on ARY Digital.

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No matter which industry you belong to, whether you are an engineer, a doctor, a bureaucrat or a student, there is one thing in common in all of you and that is probably your likeness towards the hilarious Pakistani Sitcom, Bulbulay. Who knew with its first episode going on air years back that this show will turn into a symbolic sitcom, representing the quality of Pakistan's comedy! The drama goes on air every weekday at 7PM on ARY digital, enjoying a large audience already waiting for the show to start. The sitcom is also available for view on Vidpk.com. Been written by Ali Imran and directed by Rana Rizwan, the venture is the home production of Actor Nabeel, who plays a major character in Bulbulay. The cast of the sitcom revolves around four characters that are portrayed by Nabeel, Ayesha Omer, Hina Dilpazeer and Mehmood Aslam. The drama would have been nothing but ordinary if Momo (Hina Dilpazeer) wouldn't be a part of the cast and this is what majority of the audience believes.

The sitcom is been shot in a house, apparently which belongs to Javed Sahab. The story is about a silly but smart-pretending guy Nabeel who lives with his mother Momo. Momo, due to her bad memory, often forgets names, words, places and even relations. It is then when Khoobsoorat enters their lives and marries Nabeel. On their wedding day, their paying guest Mehmood Sahab also proposes Momo and the two marriages are held together. Khoobsoorat, being a daughter of a rich man bears all the expenses of the house where both men are dumbs and do not feel like working.

Nabeel is sort of a greedy man who tends to ask for money from his father-in-law and in return of the favors, he is down-to-earth and humble towards Khoobsoorat. Momo, on the other hand is a real package of entertainment who manages every time to create a mess over which entire an episode is based on.
Out of these unusual marriages, Nabeel and Khoobsoorat bring a beautiful daughter "Chandi" while Nabeel's step brother is known as "Sona".

The team actually tries to bring a guest actor in every episode to make it livelier and interesting, yet the fact remains pretty same where Momo is the only one conquering the screen from all angles.

The sitcom is still offering fresh episodes that go on air on Saturdays, and by now, there is no news about this sitcom going off-air. You can catch up on all new and old episodes on Vidpk.

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Nida Zaidi