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Caught indoors due to rain that's been pouringdown heavily since mid-night yesterday is a miserable feeling especially when you hadtakendaysoff from work to celebrate your 4th anniversary. I have no one to blame but only ourselves - the humans.rain in pakistan

Are we doing something?

Unfortunately not if you are referring to 'Pakistanis'. But the world has taken significant steps forward as the world leadersreached a deal for the first time in world's history after they met in Paris recently.Various leaders from around the world have made pledges in Paris that could see humans showing more responsibility for the earth and its climate. Here are the key elements of this accord.
  • Countries will take measures to keep the global temperature below 2.0C.
  • The emissions should stay as low as possible, making sure that greenhouse gases never go beyond the level that trees, soul and oceans can absorb naturally.
  • Efforts should bereviewed made by each country to cut on emissions every 4 years.
  • Rich countries should help the poor countries by giving them "climate finance" so that they can work on renewable energy resources.
What's in and what has been left out?The goal of preventing what scientists regard as dangerous and irreversible levels of climate change - judged to be reached at around 2C of warming above pre-industrial times - is central to the agreement.The world is already nearly halfway there at almost 1C and many countries argued for a tougher target of 1.5C - including leaders of low-lying countries that face unsustainable sea levels rises in a warming world.[caption id="attachment_163" align="aligncenter" width="2375"]Source: Source:[/caption]The desire for a more ambitious goal has been kept in the agreement - with the promise to "endeavour to limit" global temperatures even more, to 1.5C.Dr Bill Hare, CEO of Climate Analytics, says the objective is "remarkable"."It is a victory for the most vulnerable countries, the small islands, the least developed countries and all those with the most to lose, who came to Paris and said they didn't want sympathy, they wanted action."Meanwhile, for the first time, the accord lays out a longer-term plan for reaching a peak in greenhouse emissions "as soon as possible" and achieving a balance between output of man-made greenhouse gases and absorption - by forests or the oceans - "by the second half of this century"."If agreed and implemented, this means bringing down greenhouse-gas emissions to net zero within a few decades. It is in line with the scientific evidence we presented," says John Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.Some have described the deal as "woolly" because some of the targets were scaled down during the negotiations."The Paris Agreement is only one step on a long road, and there are parts of it that frustrate and disappoint me, but it is progress," says Greenpeace International executive director Kumi Naidoo."This deal alone won't dig us out the hole we're in, but it makes the sides less steep."

What about money?

Money has been a sticking point throughout the negotiations.Developing countries say they need financial and technological help to leapfrog fossil fuels and move straight to renewables.Currently they have been promised US $100bn (67bn) a year by 2020 - not as much as many countries would like.


The agreement requires rich nations to maintain a $100bn a year funding pledge beyond 2020, and to use that figure as a "floor" for further support agreed by 2025.The deal says wealthy countries should continue to provide financial support for poor nations to cope with climate change and encourages other countries to join in on a voluntary basis.Dr Ilan Kelman of UCL, London, says the lack of time scales are "worrying"."The starting point of $100bn per year is helpful, but remains under 8% of worldwide declared military spending each year."

What happens next?

Only elements of the Paris pact will be legally binding.moonsoonThe national pledges by countries to cut emissions are voluntary, and arguments over when to revisit the pledges - with the aim of taking tougher action - have been a stumbling block in the talks.The pact promises to make an assessment of progress in 2018, with further reviews every five years.As analysts point out, Paris is only the beginning of a shift towards a low-carbon world, and there is much more to do."Paris is just the starting gun for the race towards a low-carbon future," says WWF-UK Chief Executive David Nussbaum.Prof John Shepherd of the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, says the agreement includes some welcome aspirations but few people realise how difficult it will be to achieve the goals."Since the only mechanism remains voluntary national caps on emissions, without even any guidance on how stringent those caps would need to be, it is hard to be optimistic that these goals are likely to be achieved."Article
Now the mid year has passed and ARY Digital is all set to air a whole lot of fresh dramas. The week starting from 11 July will introduce you to new characters.Here is the list of Ary Digital New Dramas 2016.Lets have a look at the upcoming stories on ARY Digital.


Bandhan Bandhan has started from 11 July. It will air from Monday to Thursday at 7 pm. It is a story about a dominant single mother played by Anita Camphor. Her decisions overpower the emotions and desires of everyone else in the house.Though, obedience is the only thing being excepted by the families in our culture but sometimes, childrenlose their actual happiness because of submissiveness.Madiha Rizvi, Palwasha Abrar, Javeria Ajmal, Aliya Ali, Ali Hassan and Hammad will be seen in the main roles.The elder son (Ammar) would struggle to marry the girl he loves because her mother approve it before his younger sister's marriage.

Saheliyan-ARY Digital New Dramas 2016

SaheliyanA story about three college friends, drama serial Saheliyan is based on youth, friendship, and dreams. The three friends belong to different social status. Though their lifestyle is different, they have one thing in common to wait for their dream prince.But, such impractical approach shatters their dreams and they face the harsh realities of life. It's a wonderful story based on friendship.Saheliyan will be on aired from Monday to Thursday at 7.30 pm every week on ARY Digital New Dramas 2016.Komal Aziz, Adila Khan, Sundus Tariq, and Maria Khan will be seen in the series among others.


Naimat will be aired from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm. it is the story of Sarah and Babar portrayed by Suneeta Marshall and Zahid Ahmad.They were once a happily married couple but fate had something else in store for them.Their son was diagnosed witha serious heart disease which made the mother focus only on the child. It developed some sort of difference between them because of the ignorance.Later, the husband falls in love with another girl and continues an affair.Where will the plot move? Watch Naimat to know more.

Tum Milay

Tum MilayWith a cast including Affan Waheed, Saher Afzal, Waseem Abbas, Maham Amir, Ali Abbas, and others Tum Milay seem to be a different story.It revolves around a girl Nimra who came to Pakistan only to fulfil her late fathers last wish. He wanted to be buried in Pakistan. How her life will be changed once she returns to Pakistan?Watch Tum Milay every Monday at 9 pm onARY Digital New Dramas 2016.

Main Mehru Hoon

Main mehru honAs the name tells, the story revolves around Mehru. She is suffering in her present with a hope of a better future. Sidra Batool will seen as Mehru.Mehru aspires to get married and lead a lavish life just like any other girl. Watch the show to know whether her dreams come true or not.Tune into ARY Digital every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm. Other cast members include Imran Aslam and Ahmad Hassan.

Aap Kay Liye

Aap kay lyaySamina Perzada, Faisal Qurashi, Areej Fatima, Waseem Abbas, Salma Hasan, Saifi Hasan, Ghanna Ali, Asad Siddique along with others will be coming to your screens from 12th July every Tuesday at 8 pm.The show shows Faisal Qureshi as a rich businessmen who's sister along with her husband plans to steal all the ancestral money and property.while, the lead character Faisal Qureshi falls in love with a middle class girl who worked at his office. They later get married but difference in lifestyle haunts their relationship.Watch them create magic on your screens with a fresh story onARY Digital New Dramas 2016.

Teri Chah Main-ARY Digital New Dramas 2016

ARY Digital New Dramas 2016 With a cast including Maria Wasti, Farhan Saeed, Salman Shahid, Saboor Ali, Faryal Mehmood, Shakeel, Ismat Iqbal and Asim Azhar in leading roles, Teri Chah Mai offers a bold and unique story.You will Maria Wasti as the lead character who's a mother of two kids. Her daughter is engaged to a guy she loves the most but that guy is secretly in love with Maria Wasti (the Mother).Not like any other romantic TV show, so it's definitely a must watch.It will air from 13 July every Wednesday at 8 pm.


GhayalWitness the onscreen chemistry of Gohar Mumtaz and Sunbal Iqbal every Thursday at 8 pm from 21st July.`Ghayal is a story of love, obsession, jealousy, and trust. It will be a drama to watch this year. After all, ARY Digital has been heavily advertising it and everyone seems to have taken a notice of this drama already.The new stories seem to be promising.
Rio Olympics 2016 has started with a full spark and various teams from around the globe are participating in this grand global championship. Pakistani athletes will also be representing the country with high spirits.The event started on august 5, 2016 and the games will end on august 21, 2016.Earlier this year, a team of 24 members was announced to represent the country in Rio Olympics 2016. But it turns out to be only 7 athletes. The rest 17 members are a part of the officials-squad.Pakistan Olympics Association (POA) has selected such a small team to represent Pakistan for the first time. But better some than none.Lets have a look at the talented superstars of the country who will be representing Pakistan globally in the Rio Olympics 2016. Here they are:

Lianna Swan (Swimmer)

A swimmer by profession, this 19-year-old athlete will represent Pakistan in Rio. Swan was born in Awali, Bahrain.She is a breaststroke specialist and has set seven national records in swimming. The young swimmer has represented Pakistan in the Commonwealth Championship Games held in Glasgow, the UK in the year 2014. She won 9 gold and 3 silver medals for Pakistan.Swan also represented Pakistan in South Asian Championship held this year in India.

Haris Bandey (Swimmer)-Rio Olympics 2016

The 17-year-old Haris Bandey is the brother of Anum Bandey. He is the representative of Pakistan under the 400m medley individual category.The passionate athlete will be representing Pakistan along with Swan in Rio.Secretary at Pakistan Swimming Federation, Veena Masud briefed the press that Bandey has been selected based on FINA World Aquatics Championships 2015 held in Russia.

Shah Hussain Shah (Judoka)

The 23-year-old Shah is the son of the legendary Pakistani first ever gold medal winning Olympian boxer, Hussain Shah.He will be representing Pakistan in Mens 100kg Judo match on August 11, 2016.

Ghulam Mustafa Bashir (Shooter)

POA has selected two shooters to represent Pakistan in Olympics for the first time in their history. Ghulam Mustafa Bashir is one of them.He was introduced as a wild card entry, one out of the four wild card entrants.The National Rifle Association for Pakistan (NRAP) approved his selection.

Minal Sohail (Shooter)

The first ever female shooter in the history of Pakistani Olympics to represent the country at such a grand event, Minal Sohail is the second wild card entry in Rio Olympics 2016.She is also approved by NRAP. Minal Sohail will represent Pakistan in women Rifle Shooting competition.

Mehboob Ali (Sprinter)

Third out of the four wild card entrants, Mehboob Ali will represent Pakistan in Track and Fields category for Men 400m run.Mehboob Ali is enthusiastic and vows to win a gold medal for the country.

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Najma Parveen (Sprinter)

Najma Parveen is the fourth and last wild card entry in Rio Olympics 2016. She is a great sportsperson and has been involved in various sports since her 6th grade.The 24-year-old champ is the daughter of former hockey player Ziaullah.
The history of Pakistani passport depicts the continuous clash since its existence within the country itself.The change in its contents and cover over the past years reflect Pakistan as a community and a nation.Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947 with the untiring efforts of Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was a great lawyer and Muslim modernist.It was formed on the basis of Islam as a state where Muslim culture could dominate. However, the state itself was not involved in the affairs of religion and declared it as a private matter for every individual. Jinnah died after a year Pakistan was created and since then,there is a tussle over the countrys ideological composition.The liberal and conservative are two groups in Pakistan who have always been of different views about thecomposition of Pakistan.Liberals are of the view that Jinnah proposed an idea of establishing an entirely modernistic state of Islam in the form of Pakistan. Whereas,conservatives believe that Jinnah envisioned Pakistan as a completely Islamic state for the Muslim Ummah.This battle on differences in views has been a cause of the internal fight and increased when it came in the corridors of the state. Its path can be traced from beginning till now.

In 1947-Pakistani Passport

pakistans first passportThe first Passport which was issued in late 1947 was mainly beige is its color having a small portion of green color.Pakistan Passport was written on its cover in three languages i.e. English, Bengali, and Urdu.There were two flags on it which symbolizing the two wings present in Pakistan at that time, namely, eastern wing and western wing.The details of passport holder were given the passport which included holders name, address, profession, photo and marital status.During that time, Pakistanis could get visas-on-arrival in any country and it was not necessary to have a pre-arrival-visa if they wished to visit any country.

In 1954

Pakistani passport in 1954Passport changed its look in 1954, having more green color than the beige as compared to the previous passport. The other changing was that the name of holder appeared on the cover along with the two flags.As there were tensions between East Pakistan which had the majority of Bengalis and West Pakistan which had ethnic diversity. So, both these wings were declared as different provinces. Therefore, the passports of both these provinces were also a bit different. The Bengali dominated province had PakistaniPassport written on its cover in Bengali and English. On the other hand, West Pakistan had Pakistani Passport written in Urdu and English. Other contents were same as that of the previous version of the passport.

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Pakistan had developed strained relations with Israel, the Soviet Union, and Afghanistan at that time so Pakistanis were still able to get on-arrival-visas in all countries other than these. Even India continued issuing on-arrival-visas despite the 1948 war.

In 1960

Pakistani passport 1960Passport changed again after the first constitution passed by the Constituent Assembly in 1956. Pakistan was declared Islamic Republic state and it was then decided to write Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the passport.However, in 1958 martial law was imposed in Pakistan and Iskander Mirza suspended the constitution by labeling it as the peddling of Islam for political gains. General Ayub also supported Mirza in his stance and became president of Pakistan in 1959. Name of Pakistan changed to the Republic of Pakistan by Ayub.In 1960, passport changed again and was light green in color. This color was a symbol of moderateIslamic view. The contents inside the passport were same but the flags were removed and Pakistan Passport was written in English and Urdu only.On-arrival-visas were given to Pakistanis from all the countries except the Soviet Union, East European communist countries, and Israel. China was the only communist country to give on-arrival-visas to Pakistanis at that time.Afghanistan also began giving on-arrival-visas.

In 1967

pakistani passport 1967The government of Ayub faced much criticism from the people especially when the Pakistan-India war ended and the economy got affected.Tensions were created by Bengalis and in the meanwhile, the color of Pakistani passport changed back to dark green. The inside contents remained same butPakistan Passport was written in three languages again i.e. English, Urdu, and Bengali.After the 1965 war, Pakistan and India stopped giving each other the facility of on-arrival-visas. Other countries which did not give on-arrival-visas to Pakistanis were same as before.

In 1974

pakistani passport 1974 pakistani passport historyIn 1971, another significant event took place, East Pakistan separated from Pakistan and became Bangladesh. So in 1974, when the country finally recognized Bangladesh as a separate country, Bengali text was removed from the passport and the color became bluish green.Pakistans Constituent Assembly passed the third resolution in 1974 in which Pakistan was again declared as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. However, this was not added to the passport at that time. The inside contents of passport changed a bit and a section to note the color of holders eyes was added along with other details.Pakistanis were still able to enjoy on-arrival-visas from most of the countries. But in 1970, U.S stopped giving on-arrival-visas. At the same time, the Soviet Union and communist countries of eastern Europe relaxed their policies on visas to some extent.In 1979, the inside contents were same as the previous version of 1970 but the only change was that the Urdu text shifted on top of the English one at the passport cover.On-arrival-visas were still given offered most countries except the communists (other than China) and the U.S. In 1978 communist revolution took place in Afghanistan and the Soviet invaded in 1979. Therefore, Afghanistan also barred Pakistanis from on-arrival-visas.

In 1984-Major Changes

Pakistani passport 1984For the first time in 1984, Pakistans name declared in 1973 i.e. the Islamic Republic of Pakistan appeared on the passports.The other changing was that the word Passport was written in English, Urdu and in Arabic as well. The reason for this was, at that time many Pakistanis were going to Arab countries for work and also Arab influence was increasing on Pakistanis.The inside contents were also changed and it was made compulsory to mention your faith and declare that one does not belong to Ahmadi community.Pakistanis could not get on-arrival-visas from the UK, other major European countries, Afghanistan, Soviet Union, Libya and other communist countries except China. Other than these, the gulf states of UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia also changed their visa policies.

In 1990

Pakistani passport 1990The passport changed again after Zias era and the color changed to light green. The words of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in English came up the Urdu ones. Arabic text was removed from the cover but the inside declaration of faith and not being a part of Ahmadiyya community remained as they were before.This passport version is still present to this date, although PervaizMusharaf tried to replace Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Republic of Pakistan. But due to protests from Islamic parties, this could not happen.After the incident of 9/11, most of the countries stopped giving the facility of on-arrival-visas to Pakistanis, including China. This was due to the fear of uprising militancy in Pakistan. Now it is important to note that only 29 countries offer on-arrival-visa to Pakistanis and most of them are African countries.Pakistani passport 2016In 2016, a report on visa restrictions was released by Henley and partners. According to this report, Pakistani passport is devalued a lot in the past few years and is now the least valuable passport in the world.In 2016, some European countries have started providing Pakistanis having Pakistan written on them in English and Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Urdu. However, till now, this is only for the people having dual nationality but this might be adopted by all Pakistanis in future. 

You can see the Biggest Super Moon on 14th of November 2016

You can see the super moon tonight. Supermoon will see in Pakistan on 14 November 2016 at 6:52 PM. This will be one of the big Supermoons as previous one in 1948.Supermoon can be seeing when there is the least distance between the Moon and Earth. According to the Pakistan Metrological Department, this supermoon will be nearest to the Earth at 9:52. It also affects the sea waves and waves will be at their top levels as before.It is warned to go near the sea shore as the precaution. Today's moon will be 30% brighter and 14% big as compared to normal one.

Black Friday will be celebrated in all over the world on 26 November 2016

Tomorrow Pakistan as well as all over the world will celebrate the Black Friday. It is celebrated every year. It is celebrated on Friday before the last week of November.America celebrates one day before Thanksgiving. And this is the starting of the preparation of the Christmas Day.Pakistan will also celebrate this special day. The specialty of the day is offered Sales on almost all products. Many popular online stores are participating in this event.
The year 2016 was lucky for those Pakistani showbiz stars, who got married and started a new journey of their lives. Most of these marriages were kept secret as it is seen in most of the cases. However, thanks to social media, which played a vital role in revealing the Pakistani Showbiz Weddings 2016.Although these wedding ceremonies were not as lavish as witnessed in Hollywood and Bollywood, yet they have one thing in common, which is a sense of festivity during such events. Shared below are some happenings of Pakistani showbiz weddings 2016.

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed

This was the most lavish wedding ceremony of 2016, which was sermonized at Badshahi Mosque Lahore. The extravagant wedding of Farhan SaeedandUrwa Hocanewas held on December 16, 2016. The festivity of this event continued for five days including various functions. No doubt, this was the most talked about and star-studded marriage ceremony of the year. The couple received a royal treatment and they were looking like made for each other souls.

Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi

Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi

Yasra Rizvia talented and famous TV actress, tied the knot withAbdul Hadi who is a director by profession. The news of their engagement was out on the social media and they finally got married in November 2016. Their marriage ceremony was a small family event and everything was kept simple. The wedding photos of the couple also reveal the simplicity of the ceremony.

Nouman Javaid and Jana Malik - Pakistani Showbiz Weddings 2016

Nouman Javaid and Jana Malik

Jana Malik, a well-known showbiz figure and charming actress got married to a famous Pakistani singer, Nouman Javaid on September 2, 2016. The wedding came into limelight when their marriage photos got viral on the internet. One reason for this attention was Nauman Javaids previous marriage with Fariha Parvez, which ended up after a great turmoil. However, our best wishes are always there for this stunning couple.

Sanam Jung and Qasim Jafri

Sanam Jung and Qasim JafriThe wedding of Sanam Jung was one of the most Pakistani Showbiz Weddings 2016. Sanam Jung, a popular morning show host, got herself married to Qasim Jafri onJanuary 9, 2016. The weddingpictures of this lovely couple instantly stormed the social media. The marriage ceremony was a simple event and only close relatives and friends were invited to share this priceless moment with the couple. Qasim Jafri is a pilot by profession and the couple is living a happy matrimonial life.

Anum Fayyaz and Asad Anwar

Anum Fayyaz and Asad AnwarMost alluring and gorgeous looking actress Anum Fayyaz, got married to her soul mate Asad Anwar, on 26th November, 2016.The marriage took place in Karachi, which was an intimate affair and only close relatives and friends participated in the event. The couple Flew to Saudi Arabia for observing Umrah. The news of Anum and Fayyazs marriage was kept secret, until their wedding pictures were shared on the social media.

Mekaal Hassan and Rubya Chaudhry

Mekaal Hassan and Rubya ChaudhryThe hot diva of fashion industryRubya Choudhary got hitched to a popular Pakistani musicianMekaal Hassanon August 10, 2016. Like some other showbiz weddings, this happening was also a surprise for their fans. This secret was revealed through their stunning wedding photos on social media.