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Kabhi Kabhi is story of a girl who belongs to a rich family and living a superficial life. She falls in love with a guy who belongs to middle class family knowing the fact that her father likes her to marry with a young businessman Shahraiz. She took a bold decision and gets married with Aaraiz whose mother don’t like her at all and keep trying to separate them. On the other hand, her father also not happy with her marriage and want to take her out of this miserable house. Will she able to live her life with Aaraiz or decide to take divorce?



Love is indeed, a beautiful feeling but once the bond starts straining, there is hardly anyone can do to make it work. It is more than a pleasure to see our drama industry flourishing and one of the major reasons of this revival is the fact that the drama makers seem to identify the real stories and the real issues of the society with which the audience can relate with and probably due to the said reason, the dramas are judged now. Highlighting the bitterness of life and the hurdles in an affectionate love, drama serial Kabhi Kabhi is a beautiful piece of entertainment that provides its viewer every taste of realism, grief and curiosity.

Been written by Samira Fazal, the drama is well directed by Anjum Shehzad, while the cast of the drama includes some happening celebrities like Ahsan Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Javed Shiekh, Bushra Ansari, Faris Shafi, Aly Khan, Nosheen Shah and Sana Askari

The story revolves around two characters, Eshal and Aaraiz who belong to two different worlds. Eshal is a daughter of a rich man who is everything except a good father. She wants to get rid of her miserable life and falls in love with Aaraiz who is middle-class employee and lives with a difficult mother and sister.

She takes a bold decision of marrying him against her father's will but soon realizes that even her new life is nothing but a reflection of sufferings. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law hates her for reasons unjustified and make her life really tough. Aaraiz too, though love her equally is helpless and finds himself in an awkward position.

On the other hand Eeshal's Dad is constantly destroying her married life through his vicious activities as he wants to take his daughter out of that house. All in all, her life keeps on fluctuating, finally leaving her to her real destiny.

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