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Noor is a story of Mehmat Fikri who is living happily with his family before a sudden death of his love Nehan. Nehan died in front of Mehmat and he never be able to forget that moments. He is living with her memories and wasting his life with no goal, no destination. The whole family is very much concerned about his conditions but can’t do anything for him. The story of the serial turns with the entrance of Noor in the serial. Noor comes in the life of Mehmat and becomes the reason of hi living. Noor is trying hard to win the heart of Mehmat to get married with him, but will she be able to make him forget Nihan’s memories? Watch latest episodes to get more info about the serial.



Turkish dramas are no more a fantasy for Pakistani audience. The country, despite of doing pretty well in the field of drama and film, is importing foreign content where the channels are finding easy and cheaper to buy the pre-made foreign dramas and all they need to invest is on dubbing the foreign language into Urdu. The issue caught fire where we saw debates on forums, celebrities on live shows but unfortunately like all other issues of the country, even this one faded out with time. The channel which introduced the idea as an innovation was URDU 1 where its Ishq-e-Mamnu broke all previous records. Geo TV was next on dial and can be blamed for the fuss-creator. The channel started the transmission of its first Turkish drama "Noor" which was highly criticized for much of the content part that did not reflect a Muslim culture any way. The channel stood firm on its move and the airing of Noor continued.

Noor is basically a story where the entire plot revolves around the house Mehmat. He is rich old businessman and rules his family completely. His grandson who shares the same name loves a girl who carried his child but in an accident, the girl dies in front of him, taking all the happiness from him.

Mehmat gets into the habit of drinking and turns into an addict. His father Ahmed is a calm man but Mehmat's mother is a real status conscious woman. Mehmat Doulat I make Mehmat marry Noor, who was far related to the family. She had always loved Mehmat and was delighted with the news.

Mehmat however did not agree and do not turn up on the wedding day which embarrasses his entire family and for Noor; no words could put her pain aside. It is then when Ahmed gets his heart attack and to save his father, Mehmat marries Noor.

The two initially go through a tough time in the relationship they were tied in but soon Noor wins his heart and it when Noor is pregnant that Mehmat's lover returns into his life.

All in all, it an interesting drama but it would give you an impression of watching a Hollywood movie because apart from Muslim names, there is hardly anything related to the culture and preachings.

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Nida Zaidi