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Airing comedy shows and sitcoms have become a trend in today’s television world. Now, every channel in the country wants to air such light hearted comedy shows to entertain the audience almost every day. The one of them is Bulbulay.

These comedy shows prove to be a blessing in this time of stress for the people. After a long tiring day, this light comedy refreshes people’s moods. Such comedy shows also help in saving people from depression and tension.

What is Drama Bulbulay About?

Bulbulay Drama Review

One such comedy drama is Bulbulay. It is safe to say that this is indeed Pakistan’s most favorite comedy sitcom this time. Bulbulay is enjoyed equally by people of all gender, age groups, and social background. It gets aired on ARY DIGITAL every evening. While one fresh episode is telecasted each Sunday.

You can watch all the latest episodes of Bulbulay on VID pk in high quality and absolutely for free.

It is one of the longest sitcoms of this century with almost over 450 episodes already telecasted. The drama’s 4th century was also celebrated in Nida Yasir’s morning show and in Fahad Mustafa’s Jeeto Pakistan too.

Best Comedy Dramas from Pakistan

Bulbulay Drama started back in October 2009. Soon after the release, it became one of the most TRP gaining sitcoms. It was later aired abroad too.

Bulbulay is directed by Rana Rizwan and is written by the famous comedy writer Ali Imran. The producer of Bulbulay is Nabeel and he is also the part of the cast of this sitcom too.

The Cast of Bulbulay

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Hina Dilpazeer in Bulbulay

Hina Dilpazeer

The most famous character of Bulbulay is Momo or Mumtaz. This character is very beautifully played by the legendary and versatile Hina Dilpazeer.

Her introduction in the drama was just a chance and was planned for some episodes. But later, on the popular demand of viewers, Momo became the regular member of the cast.

Nabeel in Comedy Drama Bulbulay

Nabeel and Ayesha Omer

Apart from Momo, the other leading characters include Nabeel who is Momo’s Son. The character or Nabeel is played by Nabeel himself. Nabeel’s wife in the drama is Khubsurat. The role of khubsurat is played by Ayesha Omer.

Another leading character is Momo’s Husband Mehmood Sahib. This character is played by Mehmood Aslam.

The Child Stars of Bulbulay

Apart from these 4, there are two child stars in the drama. One is Sona (Nyle Rizwan), who is the son of Mumtaz and Mehmood. The other one is Chaandi (Fatima Nabeel) who is the daughter of Khubsurat and Nabeel.

Tariq Butt in bulbulay drama

Other characters in Bulbulay include Tariq Butt as Butt Sahab, Sheeraz Hassan as Moti (Kidnapper), Nayyar Ejaz as Nayyar Bhai, the brother-in-law of Mehmood Sahab, Khawaja Akmal as Siddiqui Sahib (Khubsurat’s Father), Binita David as Behtab, Shahid Khawaja as Dr. Shahid, Ijaz Aslam as Mumtaz’s first husband, and many others.

Many famed celebrities of the industry also make a guest appearance in this drama from time to time too.

The Plot of the Drama Bulbulay

The drama starts when Nabeel’s old friend Ahmed asks him to take care of his apartment as he is moving abroad with his wife. Nabeel takes advantage of this and starts living in the apartment as the owner. He also rents one room to Mehmood Sahib too.

On the other side, khubsurat is shown running away from her house because her father is forcefully marrying her.

The Fun Comes from Them Living Together

Khoobsurat arrives in the same apartment where Nabeel is living. She asks for her friend Samia who is Ahmed’s wife. Now, she also moves into the apartment and starts living with Nabeel and Mehmood.

After some days, Nabeel’s mother Momo arrives surprisingly to see her son. Nabeel asks Khubsurat to act as if she is their maid because Mumtaz will not approve of her living with the men.

Mumtaz decides to get Khubsurat and Nabeel married. Meanwhile, she also develops feelings for Mehmood who asks Momo to marry him.

And They Get Married

These 4 get married on the same day and Khubsurat’s father Siddiqui also unhappily approves his daughter’s marriage.

Khubsurat in Bulbulay Drama

Soon after the marriage ceremony, Ahmed calls Nabeel and tells that he has found a family that will move in the apartment.

The families get really tensed that now they have to find a new house in such a short time. Khubsurat’s father arranges a new house for them and also pays the rents for that house. He also finds a job for Nabeel but Nabeel is a lazy person who did not join the job. The family lives on the money sent by Khubsurat’s father each month. The men of the house do nothing.

All the other episodes are all about the issues faced by the family. The couples go to Dubai without letting each other know. But there, they see each other. Later, Momo gets misplaced and they all find her together.  


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They Come Back to Pakistan

Soon after their return to Pakistan, the ladies get pregnant. On 100th episode Momo gives birth to a son named Sona and Khubsurat gives birth to a girl and names her Chaandi.

bulbulay drama cast

After that in all the episodes either there is a conflict between Momo and Khubsurat, between the couples, or within the couples.

All the times the family is being robbed, looted, or some fraud comes in and takes away everything. Sometimes, Nabeel and Mehmood also change their characters and try to con someone but are caught at the end and get beaten and jailed.

Social Issues Generate the Comedy

Other issues include the weird diseases caught by any of them or someone among the family being kidnapped etc.

The main thing that adds to the comedy side of this drama is Momo’s memory. She tends to forget almost everything including even her own name. Her poor memory becomes the cause of most of the problems this family faces.

Over all, the drama is one epic sit com of the country with highest ratings. The special editions of the drama also get aired on Eids, Valentine days, Ramadan and on some other national days too.

Over all, all the fresh episodes are in accordance with the time and usually try to cope up with the ongoing trends.

Surely, you all have watched this sit com and to watch it’s more funny and amazing episodes just visit our website anytime and anywhere .

Watch Bulbulay On Vidpk

The good news is that you can watch drama Bulbulay on Vidpk. Click the image below to go to the page with all drama episodes. If you want to watch more dramas, check this post of best comedy dramas of Pakistan.

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