‘Budget Allocation for Pakistani Film Industry’ Demands Sana


Famous Pakistani film star Sana Nawaz pleads to the government to reckon the Pakistani film industry and allocate budget for it.

“The government can play a significant role to develop the film industry,” said the 37-year old actress and model. Sana started her career in 1997 from film Sangam. This famous Pakistani film star has starred in around 16 films since then. Her latest film ‘Jackpot’ has earned quite a business lately. Sana has also participated in reality shows like Madventures as a winner and Mazak Raat as a guest.

Being a famous film star, Sana Nawaz has been nominated for several awards as Nigar Awards for Best Supporting Actress in 1981-2001 and 2001-2002 for Urdu films category. She has been nominated for Lux Style Awards for both Best Film and TV actress.

The Revival Of Pakistani Film Industry

Sana Nawaz - Pakistani Film Industry

Talking to App, Sana hopes the government will surely meet all demand for giving Pakistani Film Industry recognition it rightfully deserves. The revival of Pakistani film industry began with the film Khuda Kay Liye which made $1.1m at domestic level alone.

Khuda Kay Liye was the first Pakistani movie released in India after four decades which encouraged producers and directors to initiate producing movies at home. ‘Waar’ is an extraordinary example of it. Since then till now, a lot of Pakistani movies have been released making a good deal of business. Wrong Number, Karachi Se Lahore, Janaan, and Actor In Law have attracted the audience.

It looks like the old Pakistani Film Industry that was slowly strangled on purpose in Zia-ul-Haq’s era has already learned to grow and exercise its power. The amendment in censorship laws has also made a good deal of difference. Owing to these reasons, Pakistani artists are demanding the government to fully reckon the industry and allocate a budget for its growth.

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