Boxer Amir Khan Supports Pakistani Boxing – British Media Tagged Him Traitor


The British-born Pakistani boxer Amir Khan who is the boxing fame of recent times got involved in a huge controversy.

The 29 years old boxer faced severe backlash when he announced his desire to represent Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2016. His decision raised numerous eyebrows. Some people even labelled him as a traitor. British media and the public questioned his British upbringing.

Amir Khan’s Reaction towards the Criticism

The boxer denies being a traitor and answered the criticism by stating that he is happy being a British. The reason behind his wish to represent Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2016 is plain. Since his parents’ birth country has no boxers, he just wanted to give an opportunity to someone else this time. He further stated that people are changing the context of his statement as per their desires. He neither did, nor did he mean to deceive his homeland.

Khan’s Philanthropic Works in Pakistan

Boxer Amir Khan

Khan has been supporting boxing in Pakistan for many years. He also actively participates in the charity works of the country. Being his parents’ homeland, he feels obliged to serve Pakistan.

He clarified that the purpose behind him representing Pakistan in Olympics was solely to boost boxing in the country.

The Bolton-based boxer helped raising funds for addressing the water needs of the people of Thar. Being a dry territory, the residents of Thar have no water facility in the area. The funds raised by Khan were used to build wells in the area. Khan contributed to the cause on his recent visit to Pakistan.

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Amir Khan also visited the Lyari, Karachi only to boost the local boxers in the area.

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Khan strongly believes that Pakistani boxers are extremely talented. All that’s needed is the guidance towards the right direction. If a solid base is provided, Pakistani boxers are sure shot champions.

Boxer Amir Khan also announced that he wants to train boxers in Pakistan. He is determined to launch a boxing academy in the capital city Islamabad, Pakistan. For the purpose, he is seeking the government’s help. He said that by providing appropriate platform to the athletes, we can prove that the talent in Pakistan is worth recognition.

Khan’s active involvement in philanthropy is appreciated by all his fans worldwide, but the decision to support Pakistani by representing the country in Rio Olympics 2016 didn’t received appreciation from his British fans.

WBC to Ban Boxer Amir Khan for Representing Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 logo

Boxer Amir Khan is also prone to a 2 year ban from World Boxing Council due to this, which he obviously doesn’t want at this prime time of his career.

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Boxer Amir Khan further commented on the matter that this is what we are only seeing. At the moment, we are waiting for this decision’s approval. Chances are that he will not be allowed to do so. The reason being obvious – WBC won’t allow him.

Boxer Amir Khan’s Upcoming Boxing Venture

Two times welterweight champion, Amir Khan is all set to fight against Danny Garcia, for a world title shot.

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