Bollywood Composer Praises Pakistani Musicians

Pakistani musicians 2017

Pakistani musicians are no less than any other musician in the world. This is why they have praised not only in Pakistan but also abroad. The famous Indian composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Raghav Sachar praises Pakistani musicians. He says that these musicians are evolving faster than Bollywood.

Raghav Sachar is a famous music composer. In his 15 years career, he has composed some quality music for Indian films. Drawing a comparison between the musicians of two countries, Raghav believes Pakistani are much better. He thinks Pakistan comprises a mammoth independent music. Pakistanis are upgrading faster. According to him, Pakistan is a land of versatile artists with a knack for music. Raghav also talked about the music scenes and said that Pakistani musicians have a very big independent segment. There are Sufi, rock and many other types. He praises Pakistani musicians on their ability to attempt on songs to give them a different light.

Flaws in Bollywood Music Industry

Raghav pointed out to the fact that, in Bollywood, when you are making a song for a film the director is not much involved in music making. The sponsorship and labeling, by the producer who is putting in all the money, decides everything. So multiple changes are made to one single song. Therefore, the song loses its original essence. This is a very common example of too many cooks spoiling the broth. He believes that in Pakistan every other artist in independent so this doesn’t happen. Raghav also compared the coke studio of 2 countries and praised the Pakistani musicians in coke studio. No wonder Pakistani music and musicians are the best in the world.

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