Best Independence Day (14 August Dramas) Shows You Can Binge Watch This August

14 august dramas

Everything turns to green during August every year in Pakistan. It’s the month of independence and you feel the spirit every month as it builds towards huge celebrations on the 14 August.

14 august dramas

In the spirit of Independence, we bring you the best Independence Day Shows. Revoke the spirit of independence during this special month with these special TV shows.

Story of Pakistan

What’s better than starting with the story of Pakistan. How did it all happen?

Below are TV shows that let you relive those moments. We bring you the story of Pakistan through videos.

Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah – The speech of Independence Day (1947)

Best TV Shows to Watch on 14 August

I’m sure these videos in Story of Pakistani raised the spirit. Now it’s time you start watching the best TV dramas and shows for 14 August.

Train 47 (Originally aired on PTV)

The first 14 August drama I want you guys to watch is Train 47. This is a classic PTV drama that you’d fall in love within the first few scenes. Watch this special drama below.

Meri Kahani Meri Zubani (Originally aired on Samaa TV)

Meri Kahani Meri Zubani is another special 14 August drama that you’d enjoy watching during this month of Independence Day. If you have kids around, make sure you get them all involved. It’s a great drama and they are going to learn a lot about how Pakistan was born.

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Riyasat Mein Riyasat (Originally aired on TV One)

This is another Pakistani special 14 August drama that you should watch during August. It’s about the spirit of sacrifice, recognizing the sacrifices of millions on that day.

Bulbuly Drama Special 14 August Episode

And if you like a little bit of fun while watching something related to 14 August, Bulbulaly drama aired a special Independence Day episode last year. It’s really funny but succeeds in evoking the spirit of independence.

Azadi Special Audio Drama Apna Ghar

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