Badshah Khan Wins Royal Rumble in Islamabad


Badshah Khan Wins Royal Rumble in Islamabad

Badshah Khan Wins Royal Rumble in Islamabad

Pakistani wrestler Badshah Khan wins Royal Rumble fight. Yaseen Usmani from Algeria wins against Tangotum from Scotland. On the other side women competition, Angelis from France defeats Bride.

According to the details, the national wrestling competition held in Islamabad and thousands of people were in Liaquat Gymnasium to watch that competition.

In that event Pakistani wrestler Badshah Khan and Bartas wrestler Tiny Iron defeats there competitors and won the match. In the last over Badshah Khan defeats all foreign wrestlers and wins Heavy weight Title.

That international wrestling competition is liked by Pakistani viewers as well as that is a good step towards the betterment of international competitions in Pakistan. And it is the positive message for others as international contestants came in the country.




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