ARY Digital New Dramas 2016 – Dramas to Watch this Year on Your Favorite Entertainment Channel

ARY Digital New Dramas 2016

Now the mid year has passed and ARY Digital is all set to air a whole lot of fresh dramas. The week starting from 11 July will introduce you to new characters.Here is the list of Ary Digital New Dramas 2016.

Let’s have a look at the upcoming stories on ARY Digital.




Bandhan has started from 11 July. It will air from Monday to Thursday at 7 pm. It is a story about a dominant single mother played by Anita Camphor. Her decisions overpower the emotions and desires of everyone else in the house.

Though, obedience is the only thing being  excepted by the families in our culture but sometimes, children lose their actual happiness because of submissiveness.

Madiha Rizvi, Palwasha Abrar, Javeria Ajmal, Aliya Ali, Ali Hassan and Hammad will be seen in the main roles.

The elder son (Ammar) would struggle to marry the girl he loves because her mother approve it before his younger sister’s marriage.

Saheliyan-ARY Digital New Dramas 2016


A story about three college friends, drama serial Saheliyan is based on youth, friendship, and dreams. The three friends belong to different social status. Though their lifestyle is different, they have one thing in common – to wait for their dream prince.

But, such impractical approach shatters their dreams and they face the harsh realities of life. It’s a wonderful story based on friendship.

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Saheliyan will be on aired from Monday to Thursday at 7.30 pm every week on ARY Digital New Dramas 2016.Komal Aziz, Adila Khan, Sundus Tariq, and Maria Khan will be seen in the series among others.


Naimat will be aired from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm. it is the story of Sarah and Babar portrayed by Suneeta Marshall and Zahid Ahmad.

They were once a happily married couple but fate had something else in store for them.

Their son was diagnosed with a serious heart disease which made the mother focus only on the child. It developed some sort of difference between them because of the ignorance.

Later, the husband falls in love with another girl and continues an affair.

Where will the plot move? Watch Naimat to know more.

Tum Milay

Tum Milay

With a cast including Affan Waheed, Saher Afzal, Waseem Abbas, Maham Amir, Ali Abbas, and others Tum Milay seem to be a different story.

It revolves around a girl Nimra who came to Pakistan only to fulfil her late father’s last wish. He wanted to be buried in Pakistan. How her life will be changed once she returns to Pakistan?

Watch Tum Milay every Monday at 9 pm on ARY Digital New Dramas 2016.

Main Mehru Hoon

Main mehru hon

As the name tells, the story revolves around Mehru. She is suffering in her present with a hope of a better future. Sidra Batool will seen as Mehru.

Mehru aspires to get married and lead a lavish life just like any other girl. Watch the show to know whether her dreams come true or not.

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Tune into ARY Digital every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm. Other cast members include Imran Aslam and Ahmad Hassan.

Aap Kay Liye

Aap kay lyay

Samina Perzada, Faisal Qurashi, Areej Fatima, Waseem Abbas, Salma Hasan, Saifi Hasan, Ghanna Ali, Asad Siddique along with others will be coming to your screens from 12th July every Tuesday at 8 pm.

The show shows Faisal Qureshi as a rich businessmen who’s sister along with her husband plans to steal all the ancestral money and property.

while, the lead character Faisal Qureshi falls in love with a middle class girl who worked at his office. They later get married but difference in lifestyle haunts their relationship.

Watch them create magic on your screens with a fresh story on ARY Digital New Dramas 2016.

Teri Chah Main-ARY Digital New Dramas 2016

ARY Digital New Dramas 2016


With a cast including Maria Wasti, Farhan Saeed, Salman Shahid, Saboor Ali, Faryal Mehmood, Shakeel, Ismat Iqbal and Asim Azhar in leading roles, Teri Chah Mai offers a bold and unique story.

You will Maria Wasti as the lead character who’s a mother of two kids. Her daughter is engaged to a guy she loves the most but that guy is secretly in love with Maria Wasti (the Mother).

Not like any other romantic TV show, so it’s definitely a must watch.

It will air from 13 July every Wednesday at 8 pm.



Witness the onscreen chemistry of Gohar Mumtaz and Sunbal Iqbal every Thursday at 8 pm from 21st July.

`Ghayal is a story of love, obsession, jealousy, and trust. It will be a drama to watch this year. After all, ARY Digital has been heavily advertising it and everyone seems to have taken a notice of this drama already.

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The new stories seem to be promising.




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