Legendary Guitar Player Amir Zaki Dies at 49


Amir Zaki- Another Legendary Artist Left Us


After our beloved Junaid Jamshed, another artist Amir Zaki, guitar player from vital signs also left us on Friday, June 02, 2017. Born on April 08, 1968 in Saudi Arabia, Amir was not only an incredible guitarist but also an amazing songwriter and a singer.

Well known for his melodic phrasing, feel, and tone, the 49 years old Zaki was suffering from the illness for a long time. The cause of his death was a cardiac failure. His death was confirmed by many of his colleagues and relatives including his brother Shahid Zaki. His funeral is expected to be held on Saturday.

The Start of Amir Zaki’s Career – A journey with Alamgir


As a teen boy of 14, Amir Zaki’s talent and exceptional skills attracted the attention of legendary musician Alamgir, who acknowledged him for the first time as a teenage sensation. Alamgir got in touch with Mr. Amir Zaki during his tours of India, England, USA, and even after these tours Amir’s journey with Alamgir did not terminate. Amir Zaki, guitar player, played on 2 albums of Alamgir as well.

Due to Amir’s soulful sound and abilities, the singles like “Keh Dena” and “Ilbela Rahi” hit the top charts and were almost everyone’s favorites of that time. The release of his hit debut album, Signature in 1995, not only earned him prestige in Pakistan but also was awarded a gold disk by sound craft UK for his work. The signature was primarily an instrumental album.

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It consisted of two English and one Urdu song. The most famous of all of his musicals “Mera Piyar” (which is also the first ever song we heard by him) was the part of the Signature.

Post- Alamgir Journey


The post-Alamgir journey of Amir’s life brought some astounding and long lasting success to him. He formed three Rock groups “The Barbarians”, “Axe Attack”, and “Scratch”. His band Axe Attach has the honor of making the first Pakistani English album.

Probably the English language was the reason that all of the music companies of that time refused to release it. Even after this failure at Homeland, Amir Zaki, guitar player, continued to play guitar and write songs. After some years, somehow, the album made it to the Australian radio where it was very well received.

Amir Zaki Journey with Vital Signs


The magical maestro voyaged around with Vital Signs and Awaz which gave him enough recognition. In 1994, he got much prominent because of being a lead guitarist on a global trip with Vital Signs in which he played on their 4th album. After that, Amir Zaki, guitar player was asked to leave the band and hence his journey with the band ended. However, he didn’t cease to be a musician even after leaving the band.

Amir Zaki Other Hits


The indefinable Mr. Amir spent much of his career teaming up with other musicians. After the success of signature, he went extraordinary and released his yet another masterpiece “Is Bar Milo”. This was in collaboration with the super talented Hadiqa Kiani and again attracted everyone’s attention. After a very long disruption, the Ed guitarist made his long-awaited debut through coke studio in 2014.

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He was last caught in action in “I am Karachi music festival”. He has also worked recently with Saleem Javed for the remake of his standard “Tum Mere Ho”.

His death – An Irreplaceable Loss


The death of a legendary artist like him is and irreplaceable loss to our music industry. Amir Zaki, guitar player will always be remembered by us as one the premium jazz, blues and rock’n’roll guitarist which arose out of Pakistan. A lot of stuff is going to be penned down on him in approaching days. It would not be incorrect to call him the Jimi Hendrix of Pakistan. In fact, he was much more talented than anyone else could ever be. Celebrities all over the country have used Twitter to express their condolences upon the loss of this great artist.

May he be blessed with eternal peace.





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