American Photographer Documents The Life of Pakistani Army in Siachen


Cory Richards documents the life of Pakistani Army in Siachen and provides an incredible insight of the brave soldiers’ lives.

The renowned adventure photographer of National Geographic visited Siachen glacier in 2010/11. Siachen offers some of the harshest temperatures on Earth such as an icy low of -40 degrees centigrade. It’s referred to as the highest and coldest war ground for the Pakistani and Indian military. Millions of viewers watch Corry’s program on NatGeo to experience the thrill of danger and to witness risky adventures. He trips to some of the world’s most thrilling places and documents his experience and tale. Corry visited Siachen for a special assignment. On his visit to Siachen, he climbed the Gasherbrum-II; and 8,000-metre peak between the India-Pakistan border. He successfully reached the top but however was struck by an Avalanche which he luckily survived. He expresses his experience in following words:

“As it started to snow more and more, I heard a crack above me, and then what sounded like a freight train. I yelled ‘Avalanche!’ but you can imagine what it was like trying to run in snow halfway up our thighs.”

Despite the incident, Corry recalls some of his wonderful encounters with the Pakistani Army.

Lives Of The Brave Pakistani Soldiers at Siachen

 He documented the daily life of Pakistani Army in Siachen. He made a few friends at Gasherbrum-II base camp and also shared his observation that many soldiers posted in Siachen were mostly very young. He also documented the daily struggles of the Pakistani Army in Siachen such as drying off clothes and patrolling the border in such harsh temperature. Cooking food and sleeping in shifts, Corry documented all during his visit. He also mentioned:

“I now have hundreds of friends named Mohammed, Farouk, and Ahmed, and I’m on the TSA watch list…but it’s okay, it happens.”

Corry’s encounter of the Pakistani Army in Siachen changed his point of view about the nation. He did a wonderful job by shedding the light on the lives of the heroes of our country and teaching us to always remain thankful and indebted to their sacrifices

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Watch The Life of Pakistani Army in Siachen




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