Ali Noor Becomes A Churi Wala on Chand Raat


The rock star from NOORI band, Ali Noor, entirely changed his looks on Chand Rat of this Eid and sold bangles and mehndi on a stall.

Upon recognizing him, his fans gathered around his stall and the atmosphere was uplifted by music as well. Ali Noor has said that this was a very good experience and his thoughts about that night are inspirational for everyone.

Ali Noor is not only an exceptional singer but is also good at his vlogs on YouTube. Right before Eid, he removed his beard and completely got a new look, he also uploaded a Vlog of this in which he underwent a makeover and his new and completely changed looks surprised and stunned everyone. After this, he arranged a kind of spot on chaand rat for his fans to join him and there he sold mehndi and chooriyan to people just like an ordinary stall boy. In this way, he not only entertained his fans but also revealed his pure heart.

Compassionate Ali Noor

At the end of this vlog in which Ali Noor became a Churi Wala, he said something that is very much inspirational for everyone. Ali Noor said that “This night I was a Churi Wala… a street musician, playing for no money. My life seems to be changing. I think there is a new a future out there. A love and an affection of another kind. A lesson in humility that is priceless and most importantly, a new belief that there are those out there that can make you more than a millionaire in just one night.” These words by Ali Noor are a source of inspiration and reveal his pure heart in a true sense.

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