Aimen Amir – First Female Pilot from Skardu

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Women of Pakistan are chasing new heights every now and then. Young Pakistani women are passionate, hardworking, independent and smart. They are eager to break all stereotypes and step forward to compete with the world. Aimen Amir – First Female Pilot from Skardu, is one such example.

Hailing from Skardu, a small town in Gilgit, Aimen Amir is the first female in her town to obtain the flying license. This smart pilot is only 20 years old. She just cleared her intermediate examination and after a rigorous training, she got her flying license.

Aimen is the third female pilot from Gilgit – Baltistan region. The other two are from Hunza.

The Strive for the Flying License

flying training

Aimen got her flying license from Rawalpindi Flying Club.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority first issues a student pilot license to the eligible candidates. After successful completion of training period and mandatory examination, the authority issues a private pilot license.

As part of her initial progression, Aimen first received ground training. It helped her sharpen her skills in direction, telecommunication, planning and determining weather conditions. She then completed the mandatory 50 hour flight exercise.  The course spans over a duration of 6 months.

Aimen Amir – First Female Pilot from Skardu

First Female Pilot from Skardu

Aimen completed the certification successfully. She can now fly private jets.

For Aimen, it’s a dream come true. She has been aspiring to be a pilot since childhood. Her father has been a great support throughout her journey.

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She believes her parents, family and teachers played a vital role in achieving her quest. She is grateful for their support.

Aspirations as High as Sky

jet pilot

Obtaining the private jet license is not the limit for Aimen. She aspires to be a commercial pilot and she is fully committed towards her aim.

Commercial pilot license requires you to complete 140 flying hours. Aimen is all set to achieve her future goals.

Pride of the Family

Being the first woman in the family as well as in Skardu, Aimen received a lot of encouragement and applaud by her family and friends. Not only them but the whole nation takes pride in what she has done.

Aimen invites more females in the region to follow in her footsteps. She believes flying to be an honourable profession and women of today should take courage to be a part of it.

Flying high in the sky not just in a jet but with her dreams, passion and ambitions, Aimen Amir is an example of modern Pakistani women. For all young ladies who are working hard, day and night, to chase their dreams, Aimen Amir is a role model. She is an aspiration not to give up.

It’s not just Aimen’s success that we should be celebrating but it’s also her family’s ideology that should be praised. It’s people like them who portray a positive image of Pakistan worldwide. They also motivate others to follow their dreams.

We should be proud to have such people around. Team Vidpk sends best wishes to Aimen to fulfil her future endeavors. Zidane Hamid is another talented individual of Pakistan. He has achieved various milestones that others can only imagine in their whole life, while he is only 8 years old. Read more about Zidane Hamid

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