Ahsan Khan to Dance in London in Theater


Ahsan Khan is a versatile and a very talented Pakistani actor. Ahsan recently has said this in an interview that he will dance upcoming project. Khan is going for a three in one adventure soon. He will be dancing, singing, and acting in an upcoming venture.

Ahsan Khan is about to do all this in a theatre play in London. The title of this play is Ishq and it is an adaptation of the popular Heer Ranjha. Ahsan Khan has said that he will be acting in the lead role in this play. It is for the first time ever that any Pakistani play is happening in London. Ahsan Khan has also told the play comprises of 3-4 songs and all of these will be Punjabi blends. The back drop setting of the play is a village in Heer Ranjha’s story. Let us all wait to see how the Pakistani heartthrob is going to perform at this international event that is happening in London.

Celebrating 70th Independence Day in London

Ahsan Khan Dance

Ahsan Khan said that this play is a part of Pakistan’s 70th year’s celebrations. It aims to spread the message of love. He has said that this it is Sufi Musical. He added that this will be mostly in the English language. The team hopes to spread the message of love through Ishq. They also are trying to promote the lighter and softer image of Islam.He thinks to promote this side of Islam is a much necessary work.

Ahsan has said that these legends of Heer Ranjha tells a story of a romance and create revolution too. He further revealed that Ishq combines the elements of classical and modern dance with a fusion of music.

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