Adnan Siddiqui’s Message to His Kids – A Reminder in Digital Era

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Adnan Siddiqui’s message to his kids is a very beautiful reminder to every kid living in this age of digital life.

The famous actor and an amazing dad, Adnan Siddiqui’s message to his kids were released on his Facebook page and it left everyone heartfelt and emotional. Adnan Siddiqui is a father to 3 kids Maryam, Daniyal, and Zayd and is a very responsible father. Adnan Siddiqui wrote about his childhood and compared it to that of his kids’ childhood.

He told the heart-wrenching story of his mother’s death when he was 16. Adnan used a heartwarming and a melancholic style while writing and almost everyone who read it could feel the gloom. Adnan Siddiqui’s message to his kids is something everyone can relate to. He wrote about how painful his life became after his mother’s death.

Adnan Compares His Life With That Of His Kids


Adnan further carried on by saying that after his mother’s death, his elder brothers and sisters took care of him and his other younger siblings. Adnan carried on by recalling the bliss of playing cricket in streets and imagining himself not only as a cricketer but also as an empire and a commentator. He further wrote that those were the good days because they were simple days. He further added and said to his kids that:

“I know you love your ipads, ipods and play stations but I also want you to love your parks, your books, and your streets.”

He expressed his grief over the fact that our streets aren’t as safe as they were before and hence our kids can’t play outside.

Everyone who has read this message would agree that Adnan Siddiqui’s message to his kids is something every parent should say to their kids.




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