Adil Murad Bashes Critics On His Performance in Chain Aye Na

Adil Murad

Wahid Murad’s Son Adil Murad opens up about his film Chain Aye Na.

Adil Murad has a pivotal role in Syed Noor’s Chain Aye Na. The movie is receiving intense criticism already.

Adil Murad

Dawn Images talked to the veteran actor’s son Adil Murad to know his views on this film. Talking to Dawn he said,

“The criticism does not bother me. For a couple of obvious reasons everyone disliked the first trailer but that was leaked. It was an uncut version that someone leaked on a WhatsApp group. I think there are very, very few genuine critics who know that they’re talking about when they’re discussing a film,”

Adil Murad is paying no attention to the critics insulting him and his role in the movie. He is the view that the critics are not looking into things as they should be.

“Unfortunately and sadly, most of the critique I’ve read and seen so far has been on a very personal level. People weren’t talking about the trailer. They were saying stuff like Syed Noor’s film will mark the end of Shahroz Sabzwari’s career.”

Reasons Adil Murad Decided To Go For Sayed Noor’s Film

Adil Murad

Adil Murad also talked about the reasons he signed the film for.

“Syed Noor saheb called me randomly one day and asked to meet me. I met him and he narrated the story to me. At that point, I didn’t know which character he had in mind for me. I heard about both characters and I automatically chose my character without knowing what he had in mind. I told him I really wanted to do this role.”

He also talked about the theme of the movie.

“Syed Noor saheb is making a well-written, well-connected story and film after a long time. So you can rest assured it will be good. It’s a family film, there’s no vulgarity element. It has a lot of hard work so I’m sure once you watch it, you’ll like it.”




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