AdamJeeLife Starts Campaign #FillThePlate


AdamjeeLife has started a campaign #FillThePlate in hopes of getting rid of malnutrition that aims at providing needy people with food.


According to United Nations, malnutrition is a serious situation for the developing countries including Pakistan. According to a report by the United Nations Food and Authority, in a country of more than 180 million people, nearly 37.5 million people are deprived of proper nourishment while a significant percentage of the total population is undernourished and starving. Furthermore, the nation’s average temperature has uncontrollably increased during the recent years. Efforts to prevent global warming and control the average temperature hasn’t brought charming results. Moreover, the month of Ramazan and scorching heat of summer makes it nearly impossible for people to fast. Needless to mention things are even worse on the other side of the society, we so easily overlook. Adamjee Life is working day and night to make sure that the needy and the deserving don’t get overlooked this holy month of blessings. Adamjee Life definitely can not run such a large campaign all by itself, the people of Pakistan can also help Adamjee Life in fulfilling their aim by mentioning the hashtag #FillThePlate on Twitter or other social media. For every hashtag #FillThePlate mentioned, Adamjee life will feed one needy person. Just by mentioning a simple hashtag, you can feed someone, all by just staying at home.

#FillThePlate Campaign

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Adamjee Life is conducting huge scale iftar drives at Salyani and Edhi homes. The campaign vans can also be witnessed in the nearby areas providing food to the needy and deserving people. This is a huge campaign on a vast scale. Fortunately, the #FillThePlate campaign will continue until the last day of this beautiful month of Ramazan

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Nearly 22% of the population of Pakistan is physically and mentally undernourished due to malnutrition and hunger. As a Pakistani as well as a stable part of society, it’s our responsibility to help the needy and the deserving people of our nation and join hands to eradicate malnutrition together as a nation. We urge you to help feed the needy if that’s not possible for you, donate and help the poor.





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