Saba Qamar: “An Actor Needs to Be Shameless in Front of the Camera”


An Actor Needs to Be Shameless in Front of the Camera - Pakistani Model and Actress Saba Qamar
An actor needs to be shameless in front of the camera, said Saba Kamar – a reputed Pakistani anchor and actor.

According to her, many Pakistani actors fail to deliver mesmerizing performances only because they are too scared of the camera. While talking about her role in an Indian film against superhit actor Irfan Khan, she told the media that the major reason for her success was her ability to leave the shame behind. There is no shame in playing your role with honesty in front of the camera.

She went on to say that Pakistani actors don’t rehearse before playing their role. She was quick to mention that top Bollywood actors do their homework and they are happy to rehearse their roles even when they are already top actors. She was impressed by the dedication of Deepika Padukone and Aliya Bhatt who train for their roles, not just rehearse.

See how Deepika Padekone trained for her XXX film with Vin Diesel.

Deepika Padukone Trains Hard For Her Upcoming ‘xXx” Movie Starring Vin Diesel

We wish Saba Qamar best of luck for her ventures in India. We hope she’ll be as good as Deepika Padekone.




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