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Actor in Law is the best Pakistani film of the last decade. It stars Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat, who are incredible actors. Today, we bring you Actor in Law Songs – all on one page. Bookmark this page and enjoy these videos whenever you are in the mood for some fantastic Pakistani film music.

Actor in Law Songs With HD Video

Actor In Law Pakistani Movie

Watch O Khudaya by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Featuring  Mehwish Hayat Fahad Mustafa 

O Khudaya is the most popular song from Actor in Law film. If you watch Actor in Law film, you will appreciate the way they have placed this song in the script. It binds events together and shows a lot of emotions. It’s a time when Fahad Mustafa is disappointed and doesn’t know what’s going on with his life. In such desperation, he shouts “O Khudaya”.

The music video for O Khudaya opens with Fahad Mustafa leaving his home. It’s a beautiful shot with lyrics ‘ghar ke dar se darbadar ho gye’ echoing in the background. Rahat Fateh Ali really brought in a lot of emotion into this song.

Later in the music video “O Khudaya”, you see Fahad walking along the railway track. Then it cuts to Mehwish Hayat who is waiting for Fahad Mustafa in the court room. She tries to call him but in vain. The phone rings without anyone picking it up. She gives up and leaves the court.

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That’s when you hear Rahat again and the video cuts back to Fahad again. Watch “O Khudaya” from film “Actor in Law” below.

Hum Log Sabhi Funkaraan Re by  Asrar Shah & Junaid Featuring Fahad Mustafa 

This is a fun song that sets the mood up for the movie. It opens the film Actor in Law, introducing Fahad Mustafa. The music video for Hum Log Sabhi Fankaraan Re by Asrar Shah shows us different sides of our society while Fahad drives his dad to the courts.

It’s a very colorful video and does a great job at introducing the lead character and his environment. You really feel like sinking into Fahad’s world by the time the music video rolls outs. Watch this music video below.

Watch Dil Ye Dancer Ho Gaya by Atif Aslam Featuring  Mehwish Hayat & Fahad Mustafa 

“Dil Ye Dancer Ho Gaya” is by far the best song from Actor in Law film. Atif Aslam is totally epic in this song and the music video is simply incredible. It’s a pure fantasy that manages to bring its magic outside the screen. Travel to your romantic dream world with this fantastic song from Actor in Law film.

Actor In Law (Title Song) by  Shani Arshad Featuring Fahad Mustafa 

And here is the title song from this Pakistani film. Watch the music video below. Shani Arshad, the singer, did a great job keeping the vocals edgy. I loved the music video and I’m sure you all are going to watch Actor in Law after watching this song. The link to the full movie Actor in Law is below.

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Watch Actor In Law Movie On VIDPK

BTW, if you don’t know Shani Arshad, read about his music.

This title song really gives us a good idea about the quality of Actor in Law songs. If the intro song is this good, you can expect other songs to be even better. They turn out to be so.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Actor in Law songs in HD. Don’t forget to bookmark so that you can come back whenever you want to listen to these great Pakistani film songs.





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