A Sneak Peak Into Coke Studio Season 10


The Coke Studio has been giving Pakistani music industry not only an amazing and versatile range of fresh and new music but also a raw musical with its each season. In a journey of 9 seasons, coke studio has made itself this much recognized that now, Pakistanis wait for its brand new season each year. It’s time for Cooke Studio Season 10.

After the tremendous success of Coke Studio Season 9, music lovers all over the country are waiting for Coke Studio Season 10.

And the good news for all those waiting for Coke Studio Season 10 is that it’s coming soon. The 1st episode of Coke Studio Season 10 is expected to be aired on Independence Day of Pakistan that is 14th of August.

Some Interesting Details

Coke Studio Season 10 will be produced by 9 amazingly talented producers. The Strings will be an influential producer of the show as always. After that, we have Ali Hamza and his production is predicted to be solo.

Sajad Ali and Mekaal Hassan, Sheraz Uppal, Noori, and Salman Ahmed are also the expected new faces in the production team and they will also be producing solo.

Apart from these, Shuja Haider, Sahir Ali Bagga, Shani, and Jaffer will also be spotted in producer’s shoes.

Faakhir is out of the Coke Studio Season 10.

As always, Coke Studio Season 10 is also expected to be contained of folk and cover songs and each producer will produce minimum 1 new exclusive song of his own.

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Coke Studio Season 10 will be paying an exclusive tribute to Junaid Jamshed who died last year in a tragic plane crash near Islamabad and this tribute is undoubtedly going to be the best part of Coke Studio Season 10. This tribute to Junaid Jamshed will be a collaboration between Ali Zafar, Ali Hamza, and Strings to sing the song Us Rah Par.

This tribute to Junaid Jamshed is not the only one. Some sources have informed that every producer’s set will constitute one tribute to some great late personality.

There will be an ode to Faiz Ahmed Faiz in the form of Bol Kay Lab Azaad Hain by Shafqat Amanat Ali.

Umair Jaswal will be singing Dum Mast Qalandar to pay homage to Nusrat Fateh Ali, and a Qawwal Party will be paying tribute to Sehwan Shareef.

Then, we will also experience Ali Sethi singing Ranjish Hi Sahi to pay tribute to Mehdi Hassan.

The Debutantes

The Debutantes in Coke Studio Season 10 will include the very pretty and talented Aima Baig, who has given us some harmonious songs like Befikriyaan, Balu Maahi, and Kalabaz Dil. It is expected for her to receive the same anticipation which Momina received last year.

Legendary singer Sajjad Ali’s daughter, Zau Ali, who was up till now known as a videographer, will also be performing with her father in an English composition.

Daniyal Zafar, the talented brother of a talented singer Ali Zafar. We hope that all these new singers will give us some astonishing and fresh music.

Humaira Arshad will also making her debut in Coke Studio this year.

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Momina Mustehsan

Who doesn’t know about Momina Mustehsan? The beautiful and melodious girl made the heart of every Pakistani beat a little faster when she made her first appearance in the previous season of coke studio. She sang Afreen with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Tera Who Piyaar along with Asim Azhar and one other song with Junaid Khan. In Coke Studio Season 10, she will be back as a featured artist and another soulful performance is expected again by her.

Quratulain Baloch

This talent has given us so many beautiful songs in previous seasons of coke studio and no season is complete without her. She will also be performing and entertaining everyone with her matchless voice in this Coke Studio Season 10 as well.

Ali Zafar

Like every time, Ali Zafar will bring something highly amazing and unique thing this time as well. It is expected that he will bring something similar to his Rock Star in Coke Studio Season 10. In his new performance, it is expected for her brother to be the instrument player and this will be the debut of both these brothers together.

Other Famous Voices of Coke Studio Season 10

These were some singers whose details we were able to get out but there is much more to the list as Humaira Channa will be singing again. Also, there would be Rahat Fateh Ali, Amanat Ali, Strings, Farhan Saeed, Salman Ahmed, Ataullah Eesakhelvi, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Ahmed Jehanzeb, Umair Jaswal, Ali Sethi, Humaira Arshad, Nabeel Shaukat, Jabbar Abbas, Natasha Khan.

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The names of some expected songs are released as Us Rah Par, Qaumi Tarana, Dam Mast Qalandar, Asan Yaar Manana Ae, Ranjish Hee Sahi, Lathay Dee Chadar, Sayonee, Mujhse Pehli See Mohabbat, and Janay Baharaaan.

Apparently, an actual Junoon reunion was expected in Coke Studio Season 10. The inevitable part of Junoon, Ali Azmat, was also called board but unfortunately, somehow the things didn’t work out at last moment and we are now deprived of this amazing reunion. Aamir Zaki, the legendary artist who passed away some days ago will be seen playing guitar on a track being produced by Jaffar Zaidi and this will be his last farewell performance.

This completion of 10 years by the release Coke Studio Season 10 is, in fact, a mile stone for a show that changed the history of our music completely. We have to accept the fact that Pakistani music is not the same since Coke Studio has started. For most of the people, it came like a blessing. On the other hand, for a very few people, it came more like a curse because it made corporate control of the music industry the only way out of its crises.

Coke Studio Season 10 is not only all about this. It is full of more and more surprises and more amazing music but for all that, we have to wait till 14th August as the magic and music and the sound of the nation will begin on 14th August on Pakistan’s 70th anniversary.




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