A Pakistani Scientist Helps Build A Device For Early Cancer Detection


Pakistani-born scientists are making headlines these days. We wrote about Dr. Nergis who was part of the LIGO team that detected Einstein’s gravitational waves and now we have another Pakistani scientist making us proud.

Samir Iqbal, a prominent Pakistani engineer and an associate professor at the University of Texas, has lead the development of a new medical device that can detect cancer and could be prove the biggest factor in fighting the fatal disease.

Samir Iqbal completed his bachelor’s in electrical engineering from NED University, Karachi and went to US to pursue higher studies in his field. He completed PhD in 2007 and has been working with UTA ever since.

The device that Samir Iqbal helped build can study cell behavior and help detect cancer in real-time. The device makes use of nanotextured wall that fools the blood samples into thinking it is actual tissue and therefore it’s behavior could be easily studied. The cancer cells, when enter the diagnostic device, start jumping as if they are dancing.

Being able to identify cancer is one of the big steps in treating the disease. With this device, it will not be possible to identify cancer cells in the real-time and therefore treatment can start without any delay. If the cancer is discovered before it metastasizes, doctors can save patients’ life. This device has the ability to do just that.

Samir Iqbal Talking About His Recent Research

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