Kuzey Guney Episode 78 - On Urdu 1

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19 Dec, 2013

Kuzey Gunay is a Turkish drama, dubbed and aired on Urdu 1 for Pakistani audience. This drama is a story of two brothers, Guney and Kuzey. Kuzey is a powerful character who loves adventure. He is bold and curious at the same time. Guney is somewhat different as he shows more patience. He is calm and never acts without bothering his brain first. It seems as if there is nothing common between the two but as they grow up, they fall in love with the same girl. Eventually, Guney gets with the girl, leaving his brother to devastating fate. As the events turn, Guney hits a person on road with his car. The person dies and the blame is on Guney who was driving the car then but Kuzey takes the blame to let his brother away. Kuzey goes to the jail for 4 years of imprisonment.