Meenay On Expresss Entertainment Episod 20

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30 Oct, 2013

Express entertainment presents a drama serial which is nothing but pure entertainment. It is a soap opera and has endless episodes which keep audience glued to the TV channels for months and months to come. It revolves around the love story of a poor girl Meenay, who loves a rich Boy named Sinnan. Sinnan loves her despite all the different standards of society but ultimately can’t escape the bitter reality that his family doesn’t accept the love of his life at all. They are forced to live separately and Sinnan despite his immense love comes to his knees with pressure put on him by his family. Meenay already gets pregnant before separation but then thinks that Sinnan having submitted to the pressure of his family is not worthy of knowing that he has a child and keeps reality from him. The story continues with all the suspense and drama in the world.