Imaan - Episode 1 On Express Entertaintment Tv

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26 Oct, 2013

The story of drama revolves around terrorism and how it affects our lives generally, the difference of effects on people belonging to Eastern or Western societies, how they react to it and how it does affect our daily lives generally. It also shows that East and West criticize and hate each other for some things that may not even exist and that commoners of both sides of the world have almost the same problems albeit with certain differences. It shows an important incident when an American lady comes to Pakistan for a wedding and gets opposed by the family due to her affectionate behavior towards one of the male members of the family. Later on, when a bomb blast occurs, they blame the Americans in front of the American lady for the blasts. Eventually, both sides admit their shortcomings and also that Pakistanis are way less affected by such incidents due to perpetually facing such issues and life has to go on.