Save Pakistan from Musharaf, Al qaeda, and Taliban

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11 Feb, 2008

The demonstration is part of the national campaign to stop the dictator Musharraf from taking Pakistan into deeper crisis. The demonstration will call for his removal and for a change of the political system responsible for decades of instability, stagnation and subservience to the America and Britain with the implementation of the Khilafat.The ripple effect of demonstrations shall be echoed globally by Allah's will, Let our voices be heard at a time when the Ummah's voices are being silenced in the Muslim countries,
Alhamdulillah, another peaceful demonstration where the crowds dispersed quietly,
Let the dictators quake more in their military boots, leading to sleepless nights, their days numbered,
SubhanAllah, it's not enough to replace one dictator by another one, the Ummah have had enough,
Oh Allah, return the Islamic rule to it's rightful place, sooner rather than later and grant peace to the earth once more... Ameen

There is a stirring in the world, you can feel it!! InshaAllah the stirring will end with the khilafah state rising and leading mankind out of the darkness into light...