Dheere Sey on APlus TV - Episode 37

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7 Feb, 2013

A very good story presented by A Plus where a girl who is pure at heart and wants everybody to prosper and stay happy yet finds the treachery of life itself and people around her so tormenting that it forces her to transform her nature the same way in order to deal with the world. Pareeshay, a very kind-hearted girl who gives away a marriage proposal very well-suited for her in order to save her brother from a marriage he doesn’t want in turn, but then finds out she has been tricked yet stays happy knowing that her brother is happy as he marries a girl of her choice while Pareeshay is left with no marriage. The very girl his brother has married is envious when she has a big portion of her father’s money named to her. Her best friend also kind of betrays her when her friend finds out about her cousin’s interest in Pareeshay. Eventually, when Pareeshay thinks she has found the match of her life but again gets betrayed finally deciding to turn herself into a selfish soul as that is the only way to deal with this world.