Athkeliyan on A Plus TV - Episode 80

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8 Jan, 2013

A plus presents yet another brilliant story summing up all the drama. It is about an atypical saas bahu situation where bahu takes on saas in an unconventional way than saas getting on nerves of bahu yet the turn of events where girl’s mamu weds a woman and the woman stops her mamu from supporting her in any possible way. Additionally, the aunt of the boy khala Chammu tries her best to make the girl’s (Farzana) life miserable where her husband (Imran) remains indecisive about the situation as he is a mama’s boy but loves his wife too. There is a really funny twist to the story where two new characters, a junkie and his wife settle in as tenants and then the story keeps on getting funnier. An unusual story of a tussle between various relationships which includes every-day stories and usual chit chat unfolds each episode.