Talkhiyan on Express Tv - Episode 5

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7 Jan, 2013

This drama serial presented by Express entertainment channel gets us face to face with an issue that is becoming very common in our society with each passing day i.e. the issue of love lives getting ruined, love getting lost somewhere and parents getting separated and their effects on children which are called the broken home children. This also presents the issues these children have to face, be them psychological or social and how do the children deal with those issues while growing up. As evident by its name, it revolves around all the sourness and hard feelings one has to encounter and one develops while being inside or in contact with such relationship issues. Directors (who also are the producers of the drama serial) Seema Razi and Raziuddin Ahmed have tried to do justice to their jobs by making actors work like they should and actors have also tried to do what they could for the same.