Agan on APlus TV - Episode 12

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7 Jan, 2013

This is a powerful story presented by A Plus channels full of drama, deceit and treacheries of the world. An orphaned girl Sukhina; who gets raised up by her aunt and being liked by her cousin, ultimately rejecting him. Sukhina gets a job through her class fellow and secretly starts admiring him, feeling seems mutual but the class fellow (Yasir) never talks openly about it. Thus another character enters (Faraz) who is the partner in the business which she works for. Faraz and Sukhina develop a brilliant understanding but Yasir’s male ego plays its part trying to make her life miserable in a certain way. This doesn’t work out at the end as Faraz marries Sukhina and they start living together. Yasir doesn’t like it all but then settles with the fact. Yasir and Sukhina accidentally get into a situation where Faraz’s mother sees them and dies of a Heart Attack. This ends up tragically in suspecting them of murder and divorce of the couple.