Motor Bike dangerous wheelie stunts from Lahore

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1 Feb, 2008

This is a video recorded of dare devil "wheelie" stunts performed by "Aqeel Butt" and "Baoo" from Lahore. Including some of the "Tableeghi Jamat" style advice of "Shah Jee". And some jokes in Punjabi style. Stunts are performed by different "Gangs" or "clans" of up to 50 Bikers. They do such tricks on every Sunday in Lahore near Underpasses of Canal. Every week 1 or 2 boys die or injured seriously but the passion never dies. Long Live Pakistan and Long Live "Mera Sohna Sher Lahore" Look at the dangerous Traffic of Lahore and the Daredevils. Lahori punjabi style Rulz!