Drama Serial Roshan Sitara on Hum Tv - Episode 21/a

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8 Oct, 2012

Roshan Sitara is the story of love and emotions. The four main characters of the story are Roshan Ara, Mansoor, Momin and Sitara. Roshan Ara and Mansoor are completely in love with each other, but she gets married with a rich man Hakim Ali due to her mother’s greediness. Mansoor falls ill after the marriage of Roshan Ara and died at the end. Whereas Mansoor’s younger brother Momin went abroad for further studies after the death of his brother. The fourth character Sitara is living with her step mother who never treated her well. When Momin came back to Pakistan, he falls in love with the Sitara. The story of the serial is a little bit complicated, and you can make it simple by watching the complete serial. The story is directed by Serwat Nazir and directed by Siraj Ul Haq.