Sirat e Mustaqeem on Express Tv - Episode 9a

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5 Jul, 2012

A good drama serial presented by Express entertainment channel. The story revolves around love and how love can make one’s life turn around, the difficulties that one faces in the course of love and how do the difficulties and hurdles even change one’s preferences about love when it comes. This is about a man who roams around a lot and meets different people but in the process, he meets a village girl which changes his life. He falls in love with the girl and tries to be with her, however as every love story, there are factors that affect them so the man leaves the love of his life and comes back to the city in order to live his life. Actors like Firdous Jamal and Sami have done what is always expected from them i.e. brilliant acting and Urwa Hocaine has also done a commendable job while presenting her character.