Bus Surfing to Karimabad, Hunza

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24 Jan, 2008

Bar train hopping,bus surfing is,in my opinion,the best way to travel,weather permitting.
Pakistani bus company's pride them selves in a US Marines style 'never leave a man behind' creed,knowing this all 25 people in the 18 seater mini buss groaned audibly when i turned up,late for the 9am to the Hunza valley. all thinking the same thing 'where we gonna put that?'.I suggested what every one was thinking,travelling on the roof.
expecting the driver to cite an heavy army presence and 6'4 pail faces one the roof of his bus not conducive to a smooth journey and to start digging about for his crow bar I was surprised when he(and to the relief of every body else) thought it was a capital idea.
And off we went,I waived at the solders in there bunkers as we traversed road blocks,they waived back.At stops i passed down or pulled up what ever the passengers wanted,including half a dozen sacks of rice,which i made into a throne.
I was also overjoyed with the fact that the most accommodating bus driver spared no quarter regarding the fact he had live cargo on the roof and it was 3hours of white knuckles,and cat walk like tracks clinging to the sides of mountains as we snaked higher and higher into the Karakorum range..