Aurat aur Mard - Trailer

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24 Jan, 2008

AURAT AUR MARD, as the name implies, is a story about relationships. It portrays the reality of our society that we always tend to disregard as we choose to be ignorant.It's a story about a local shipping tycoon, DABEER BAIG, who is forced into an arranged marriage with IZZAT ADIL, a novelist and a college professor, due to political pressures. That is only the beginning of our plot. The tale is already getting complicated as emotions are running high between the husband and wife due to lack of intimacy and communication, when, lets call it fate, decides to bring other people into the mix.Enters ROSHEEN ASLAM, Dabeer's new secretary. She possesses all the traits his wife does not. She's an open-minded, understanding and a caring woman. This puts Dabeer in a huge moral, as well as ethical, predicament as he starts getting attached to her and she appears to like him back.On the other end, Izzat, who's dissatisfied with her matrimony, finds herself confiding in a student of hers, SHARJEEL KHAN (Ali Kazmi). Sharjeel is an intelligent and a confident looking guy, whose personality is marred due to certain events in his life. His craze for sketches consistently gets him into trouble with his professors. He prefers to live in his own world and prefers not to open up to anyone. With the growing confidence between himself and his professor, he pours his feelings out to the only person he confides in after the death of his parents and sibling, and gives rest to years of grief.Overall all of these characters are prisoners to their own emotions and needs and therefore end up doing things that are preferred to be unspoken about in this culture.For more info visit