Middle Class on Express Tv - Episode 43b

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15 Mar, 2012

A splendid drama serial presented by Express entertainment channel. As the name suggest, the story revolves around the middle-class, the class largest in numbers when it comes to any society. Middle-class in developing countries has its issues and problems to the maximum. It revolves around the facts that a middle-class man has to face on a daily basis. How does he earn his living, how does that earning seem too low and insufficient to even suffice for the basic necessities of life. How does a middle-class man dream about various things and plans his life while every other dream and plan of his gets dismissed and he has to deal with the resulting grief and dejected heart; and how does a middle-class man still keeps on striving and working for it till the end. The writer Ibn-E-Aas has done a brilliant job writing it and the director Ehtishaam has also done a splendid job. Actors like Shahzad Ali and Saqib are really good in their jobs as well.