Flight Sim Pakistan ~~ A Virtual Tribute To Pakistan Airforce

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18 Jan, 2008

This is a wonderful video i found on Flight Sim Pakistan. NOTE: The Video Is Not Mine But Have Permission To Upload It Here! The Video Belongs To Ali Mujtaba, CEO Of Flght Sim Pakistan! Please Read The Below Notice!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~Words Of Mr. Ali Mujtaba!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Video Composed by Ali Mujtaba ( www.flightsimpakistan.com )Credits are given at the end of the video1. This video is only authorised to be displayed on Flightsim Pakistan only www.flightsimpakistan.com2. Use or display of this video in any format in public ( on tv or through any other public media) is prohibited3. Distribution of this video is prohibited either freely or through commercial channels4. This video is freeware and is the sole property of Ali Mujtaba & Flightsim Pakistan www.flightsimpakistan.com5. failure to comply with the above stated rules will result in severe consequences.Ali Mujtaba