Drama Serial Aisa Kyun on A Plus Tv - Episode 5c

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26 Jan, 2012

Director : Mohsin Talat
Producer : Meraj Ud Din
Writer : Wasi Shah

Cast : Sajid Hasan, Munawar Saeed, Ahsan Khan, Sabreen, Nosheen Shah, Neelam Muneer, Ali Afzal, Babar Khan, Annie Jaffery, Tasneem Ansari, Semee Pasha, Mawra Hocane, Kanwal

Aisa Kyon is a true depiction of our society where greed consumes the hearts of humans and grows out to destroy the familial bonds and disrupts social fabric. Asad can't find a reason for his miseries caused by none but his own siblings, Arslan and Saira despite all his selfless love and sacrifices he made to bring them up after the untimely death of their parents. The youngest one Adnan his only supporter through thick and thin had to leave for abroad to pursue his studies. The good-natured Asad can't look at the dark side of human heart for he does not have any himself. He can't cry when his only love Neha after a long wait leaves him to choose Zain a maniac artist, as her life partner. Neha understands his mind. She knows that Asad will not get married until his siblings get established in their lives. But, he cannot stop Arslan when the latter marries a model named Ramla. He even fails to raise the issue of honour when Saira decides to settle down with Nadeem, a rascal. Arslan and Saira's selfishness develops into greed and gluttony when it meets the evil in Ramla and Nadeem. Together, they are all after Asad who fortunately finds a good better half in Rania, much to the jealousy of his siblings and their spouses. Conspiracy creeps in and Rania's pregnancy ends up in a miscarriage- a deliberate murder not qualifying as homicide. But Neha's arrival in Asad's home after she falls out with Zain is used by his enemies to discredit and deprive him of his share in the family wealth. With Rania's support and his business acumen Asad rebuilds his life bit-by-bit. On the other hand their extravagant ways ruin Saira and Arslan. Declared insolvent they are about to end up in jail. Adnan returns only to get disillusioned. There is a sound of a shot and someone is hurt...seriously. To err is human to forgive is divine. Can Asad a mortal rise above his human essence to forgive his enemies...