Drama Serial Hum Abhi Zinda Hain on A Plus - Episode 2b

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26 Jan, 2012

A plus has presented this drama as a reflection of what is going on during these days in the lives of those who suffer from terrorism. When a powerful bomb blast claims lives of many, disabling others and traumatizing everybody around, the city starts breathing again and life tries to get back to normal. But this drama delves into the lives of those who have directly been affected by the bomb blasts. This is the story of four women who have lost almost what they had. A woman has her husband physically handicapped, legs lost, two have lost their husbands and one has lost her soon to be husband. Society around them is ruthless and they have to survive through that. They have to make a way for themselves through society, those wolf-like people who want every shred of their dignity, their daughters and what is left of their lives but they live through, hence the title, hum abhi zinda hain.