The Murderers of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto are Found.

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14 Jan, 2008

We all know that many warning publicize for Mohtarma Assassination?
As she know about it also.
So I am 100% believed that theses persons seriously involved in Mohtarma

That is big loss of Pakistan, not only of Pakistan People Party.
Mohtarma absence in last 7 years, PPP worker didn't mobilized the people of

Pakistan !
She only has the power to do so, as we see in last month's.
I don't like PPP !
But Love Mohtarma Vision,
Remember PPP worker that Mohtarma will never born in a years in century's,
She is one and only
No one stand on her place its son or her husband! Let me tell you the way!
Please think of it seriously and leave a comment without hated or bad word,
Lets us find together (PML (Q) MQM PPP PML (N) MMA PTI JWP & Media)