5 Things We Learned from Last Episode of Udaari Drama

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Udaari drama has become one of the most-watched dramas of this summer. Since the drama is reaching its logical end now, we have looked at what it has taught us. Here are the five things that audiences learned while watching the last episode of this drama aired on Hum TV.

Udaari Drama

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Udaari has an authentic story

I never doubted this as I reviewed the drama for the first time, I said the same thing. Udaari drama has an authentic story. Now with the drama reaching its concluding stages, it is obvious that the script was well-written and the story was powerful and authentic.

Women should be strong to get justice

Justice for women, pakistan

Even an ordinary person understands that getting justice in this country isn’t easy. Udaari drama has taught us that women need to be strong in order to get the justice. They can fight the society for their rights if they come together and feel no shame when seeking justice.

During the previous episode of drama Udaari, Zeeb-un-nisa or Zaibo was taken to the court for evidence where she told the true account of events on the night her mother stabbed her husband (Ahsan Khan). When Zaibo in Udari drama was walking to towards the courtroom, she was talking to herself, empowering herself so that she could stand the test of time and get her rapist the punishment she deserves.

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Our police usually Aids criminals who have links to powerful people – Udaari Drama

As we have seen in Udaari drama, Ahsan Khan has strong links with a politician and that’s what has protected him ever since he raped the 10-year-old Zaibo. There was no way that he could have inflicted so much pain on his wife and daughter if there was no support.

The case of attempt to murder that he filed against his wife was made possible due to the assistance from the police who didn’t investigate the Imtiaz case properly at the time of being reported. The police omitted the evidence and turned it in Imtiaz’s favor.

However, the corruption of police was unveiled, thanks to cooperation from the chief of surgery at the hospital where Zaibo went for her medical treatment after the rape eight years ago.

Parents should be aware that young adults are often abused

Pakistani parents and family

There is no doubt that young adults are abused in our society, especially in lower income families. Parents and social activists have to be extremely careful to avoid these things from happening. If they do happen, the victims have to be brave enough to tell their stories so that the predators like Imtiaz Ali from Udari drama could be punished for their crimes.

Education can change how our women react to sexual predators

Pakistani women

Imtiaz Ali is a sexual predator who went on without ever being brought to the justice for years. Apparently, it was the time when neither Zaibo nor her mother was educated. Although her mother never went to school, she learned a lot from her society as you can clearly see her character growing after she started living in the city.

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Similarly, Zaibo and other characters connected to her received education and exposure as they started living in the city. This changed things for them. Zaibo, who wouldn’t even tell her mother about her father raping her eight years earlier was now strong enough to tell the story to the entire world standing in a courtroom.

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If women continue to empower themselves with education and awareness of their rights, there is no way that sexual predators would go after them. Even if there is an incident, the criminal would be brought to justice and therefore it would encourage other women to stand for their rights.




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