5 Awkward Things Pakistanis Do With Their Smartphone

pakistani smartphone users

Smartphones are a revolution. They set the world on a different path. However, this tech has affected Pakistanis somewhat differently. Here are 5 awkward things that Pakistanis always do with their smartphones. Unfortunately, these are not the smartest things you can do with this smart technology.

Taking a million selfies in your bathroom

pakistani smartphone users

Every time  a Pakistani smartphone owner enters bathroom, the only urgent mission is to take a good selfie. It might need a million useless selfies to reach that perfect selfie.

Although taking a selfie isn’t something awkward anymore, doing it every time you enter a bathroom isn’t appreciable. There are other important things that you go to bathroom for so it’s better you keep you main focus there. And if you have to take selfies, there are tons of better places in your house. Look around.

Instagram pictures of everything that’s around

instagram selfies

We all know that oranges look stunning when captured with a decent camera under bright light and then treated with some Instagram filters. It was fun taking pictures of everything around when you first got your camera phone but now we’ve like 100 million pictures of those oranges. No one wants to see them anymore.

Similarly, whenever Pakistani people have something to eat on the table, they say the prayer and take a picture for Instagram before eating. This is awkward as no one is interested in every meal you eat. If you are eating specifically food, you might consider taking a picture or two but who cares about what you cooked today for lunch?

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Using speaker in public


I bet you have seen this thousands of times. Many Pakistanis use their speaker phone as if it’s a normal thing to do when you are around other people. They will put their personal call on speaker so that they can listen and so can everyone else. All they need to do is to use a pair headphones or simply walk away from noisy surroundings to listen to an important call.

If you have been traveling around, you’d notice that a lot of people like playing songs on speaker phone, forgetting that they are disturbing others. This is common especially in local buses and trains but you can expect to meet few when you’re traveling to Middle East in a Pakistani airline.

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Downloading every app that’s out there on Play Store


Look at some of the smartphones around you. Check the applications installed on those phones. You will be surprised that people install everything that’s available on Play Store, reflecting on their accumulative nature. These apps aren’t going anywhere and in fact they will be updated next time you come around. They aren’t going anywhere.

If someone needs a TV app, you’re going to see his phone filled up with all the TV apps out there. He won’t even try all those. It feels like people are still living in the early 2000s when the best way to get content from the internet was to download it since the streaming speeds weren’t good at all. However, this isn’t the case with your smartphones. You can download any app within a minute since there is never much data to be moved to your phone. The only apps with a lot of data are hardcore games.

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